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Khan Jahangir Khan – He Made Paan Singh Tomar From An Athlete To An Outlaw in Reel life!

Posted by barkha on April 25, 2012 | 3 Comment

Khan, has a screen presence to match the best. Paan Singh Tomar was proof of that. But his career is not only about Paan. He has graced the  silver screen in movies such as Rajneeti, Aashiqui, Sadak, Sankat City, etc. Khan’s amazing talent has also been seen on numerous Television serials and theater. Khan now readies for his journey behind the camera and we catch him between planning for his next venture:

Wonderful performance in Paan Singh Tomar, how did the role come your way?
I had worked with director Tigmanshu Dhulia in a TV  serial and in Film Charas. In fact a different role was written for me in Paan. But I was quite keen to do the role of Bhawar Singh. Tigmanshu did not think I looked or talked the part. I have one quality, which holds me in good stead as an actor, I can observe and speak the language of the people around me. I had shown up earlier for  the shooting of Paan, as I was  also assisting Tigmanshu and had a chance to observe and imbibe the mannerism of the people. So I showed up one day, as Bhawar Singh. This was the Bhawar I had remoulded myself into, based on what I had observed. Tigmanshu was surprised but also convinced. Then I gave the first shot, which was the shot with Irfaan and the Panchayat. It went so well that all were left speechless.

How has this role changed your life?
It has got me a lot of recognition. Cinema is a powerful medium and it does this to you. Although I have done a lot of television in the past, I am getting new and fresh offers in both Television and Cinema, however, I would not like to play the same role over and over. Now the challenge would be to try out something different. Like in Rajneeti I was different from whom I enacted in Paan Singh Tomar.

On your earlier days?
I am from Delhi and the Bhatt’s gave me the first break in movies like Aashiqui and Sadak. Along the way  felt I was being typecast as the henchman role, so I took an extended break from movies. I had  jewellery, real estate and clothes business that supported me, during that phase of my life.  I  faced the camera again when I felt that new and challenging roles were coming my way.

Other creative endeavors?
I am a writer and also an aspiring director. In fact I have a couple of scripts that I am ready to make my directorial debut with. They all deal with the current, new age cinema and stories based on real life incidents.

The classic question, Film, Television or Theater, since you have made your mark in all?
Film for the vastness of the canvass. I mean Paan Singh Tomar took me to the world. Television, has good money and Theater enhances your acting prowess and also your confidence. Enacting in front of a live audience is a high in itself.

3 Responses
He is my ChaCha and he is realy very good i like him. Imran khan, Bhatija Of Jahangir khan June 13, 2012 at 4:17 am
Assalam O Alakum, I really appreciate his work and his contribution for the Indian Cinema. Waqai Jahangir Khan Jahangir hai ALLAH pak in ko our taraqee daiy Jehangir Khan ek acha actor he nahi ek acha insan be hai salam our dowaoon ke sath  Sartaj Khan October 9, 2012 at 4:53 am
ABOUT KHANSAHAB"!!!He is a allrouder of Indian cinema Razia October 13, 2012 at 1:16 am
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