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Life had him struggle way before his reel life battle started. His deep baritone and his intensity is matched by his love of Vipassana, which brought about a dimensional change and balance to his life. Meet one of the best bad on Indian Television today, Sachal Tyagi:

A little about your journey?
Acting was not something I had thought of. My father was an IAS officer, so the expectation was to pursue Civil Services and academically too I was very good. My father passed away when I was in 3rd grade. Then in the 8th grade I was involved in a very serious accident, I was bed ridden for almost two years. I lost my mother when i was in 12th grade. Net result was that academically my entire career went for a toss, since I could barely attend school thereafter. However, while in school I used to participate in debates and the feedback I got was that my voice was well suited for the media. Thereafter, my brother, who had become like a guardian to me, reasoned that, given my loss of academic career options, acting was probably worth a shot, purely from a building of career perspective. So that is what got me to Mumbai.

On your early struggle days in Mumbai?
Quite honestly, it was not a financial struggle. Coping with my parents loss was a bigger internal struggle. My brother and the remainder of my family, looked after my financial as well as emotional needs during my early days in Mumbai. They really are the best brothers one can ask for. The learning curve was definitely there, since I had no idea even how to make a portfolio. But things kept happening, work kept coming on TV, but not the one I desired. I got the best break when I was offered the Sahara One serial, Mata Ki Chowki. Initially I was apprehensive about the role since by its name the serial sounded like a mythological drama, which was not up my alley. But when I learned more about my role, the story, it really excited me and the net result was very satisfying and fulfilling. I was playing the antagonist.

On being one of the best Bad Guy of TV?
A good bad guy (smiles !) Mata Ki Chowki worked wonders. I got awards and accolades beyond my expectations. The good can be good, but the bad has to be good too. A good bad, makes the good good seem even better so that is the challenge of being negative. The feedback i got from the producers of Mata Ki Chowki was that Moksh was one of the most popular characters, on Indian TV, so I must have done something good with my bad ! The show and the character also took Sahara One channel to a different level. Shows followed, this time it was with Zee, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijiyo and again i given to play a negative role. My character Ranvijay was a huge success too.

What defines Sachal, other than acting?
My practice of Vipassana. It gives me balance and grounding. In all our lives we will have the highs, the lows, especially in this business. Given my internal struggle, before I even entered the media line, Vipassana keeps me grounded and real and detaches me from grasping for material things. Not many people know, Iam also a voice over artist.I have done voice overs for Discovery and National Geographic. I enjoy modulating my voice to create different voice patterns.

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