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One can’t do without the other but behind the most controversial resident of BIG BOSS , is a  world class Fashion Designer. A straight shooting person with a razor sharp memory. We met Rohhit and discovered a very simple and down to earth soul, a side rarely seen or talked about. Over to one of the most flamboyant persona of the Fashion and Entertainment industry:

Lets begin  with your journey?
I come from a regular middle class family from a relatively small town of Allahabad. The expectation of my family was that I do Engineering or some technical stuff. But in class 8th,  I decided that Fashion Designing is my calling. I am from an orthodox family, my father was totally against this. On 18th April 1996, I ran away from home, with Rs 25000 and landed up in Mumbai, to pursue my designing dreams. Those were hard days. Luckily I was supported, financially by my aunt in Dubai, who paid the fees for my Fashion Designing course. I am a big believer in God and that we have one life to live. My father was also against my declaration of my sexuality and who I was and what I felt. This was also one of the reasons for me taking the drastic step of running away from home. Because of my unique personality, I started getting a lot of publicity. This helped me immensely. I started work as a Fashion Choreographer but deep inside I wanted to own a Label. Shortly thereafter I launched my range of KAMASUTRA designs, which became a sensation. What followed was work in Bollywood, opening of flagship stores and also the launch of my own label, HARE’. I now stand amongst the foremost designers in India. Looking back I do  feel a sense of accomplishment.

Your designs have two hallmarks, they are a curious mix of India’s tradition and contemporary. They are also for the common person, something that is not unique with most other designers?
I have kept it that way. Lord Krishna has been a huge influence on my patterns and designs. Also growing up in a smaller town and in a middle class family, I aspired to wear designer labels, but at times found them out of reach. So keeping that in mind, my stores carry designs from $150 to $10,000. I feel proud having taken fashion to the common person.

On your experience in Television?
Big Boss was a life changing experience. It is all your raw emotions visible to all of India. I managed to last more than a few weeks. Everything changed post that. I could no longer walk on the streets without being recognized. It made me a celebrity. I discovered parts of me that I did not know existed. The good, the bitchiness, the drama, people loved it all. I also did other reality show, Zor Ka Jhatka, which was filmed in Argentina. Currently I am hosting Style Strip, on Zoom. I love being Fashion Police to Bollywood Celebrities.

Rohhit at house and outside?
Two different people. At home I am about a simple and basic existence, probably lounging in my kurta. Once I step outside, the stylish and more glam Rohit takes over. I like who I am on both sides. To the people who have known me for long, I have always been the same straightforward person.

What are the upcoming shows?
There is a show in Kuwait, for which I leave tomorrow and there is Rajasthan Fashion Week coming up shortly. Still in talks with Paris and then all of this will build up to a big one in Dubai, in October.

Stylish celebrities?
Globally, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Closer home, Aishwariya and Mr Bachchan, he can carry almost all the stylish clothes, even at this age.

Your take on same sex marriage and on being open Gay?
The emotion of Love has no gender. Also every human in this planet is entitled to love. Once that emotion is obtained, it does not matter whether that is between Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi Sexual, etc. I will leave it at that.

2 Responses
Must say theres a lot behind the scenes..n theres so much to learn from this!A perfect blend of simple thoughts with modern art and that can be witnessed in ur beautifuL designs.You are a living example and a true inspiration for our generation that tells us true dedication and hard work does pay off! Rupalee Prakash May 14, 2012 at 6:44 am
....True to the core one write up that inspires and is the fact...thanks for writing the truth without messing up...simple and staright to the u Rohhit... anupama May 15, 2012 at 12:06 am
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