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Jism 2 – Movie review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on August 2, 2012 | No Comments

FILM – Jism – 2
PRODUCER – Pooja Bhatt, Dino Morea
DIRECTOR – Pooja Bhatt
WRITER – Mahesh Bhatt, Shagufta Rafique
CAST – Randeep Hooda, Arunodaya Singh, Sunny Leone
MUSIC – Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Rushk, Abdul Baasith Saeed

Calling a film promoted as an adult film ‘juvenile’ is an oxymoron but that is the kind of wordplay Bollywood has reduced us to. Pooja Bhatt’s much-publicised for its adult content, meant only for mature audiences, seemingly ambitious film Jism-2 unfortunately brings only such adjectives to mind.

The Jism series is supposed to be erotic thrillers (which Bhatt camp films aren’t?) so mindful of the legacy, Pooja Bhatt unleashes a porn star Izna (Sunny Leone plays a betrayed porn star) hired by an intelligence agency to seduce her ex-lover Kabir (Randeep Hooda), an ex-cop and now terrorist and retrieve some valuable information. Helping her on the case is an officer Ayan (Arunodaya Singh) and his senior played by Arif Zakaria. A web of deceit begins to unfold as Izna, caught in the pangs of the memories of her past love, walks into a world little known to her and which is definitely not what it seems.

With a sketchy plot-line and home-work-sans presentation Pooja Bhatt gives us a tale of love, sex and deceit that has little romance, thrill or sensuousness. The film pans out at ease, slowly revealing plot points little by little but then that ease is probably the only good thing about the film.

There is a certain theatricality and exaggerated-ness about every aspect of the film that points to quite a skewed sense of story-telling. Actors over-react as though categorically told not to act well, all the while mouthing lines which when are not unintentionally hilarious, are simply an example of language abuse. Sound goes on an overkill yet again competing jealously with Sunny’s oomph which is duly represented by low-cut tops and other ‘little wear’ yet doing nothing much. Sensuality is effectively noticeable for its absence and the much-touted adult content reduced to passionless, desperate kissing and marginal (but chaste, this film serves oxymoron remember?) nudity.

No one acts in the film because most cannot like Sunny Leone, who looks pretty even in the confoundingly tacky outfits and maybe we should be simply happy for that. Actors like Arif Zakaria and Randeep Hooda who can are relegated to loud, stylised portrayals that look laughably silly. Clean frames, digitally corrected colours and some beautiful imagery of Sri Lanka, a location hardly seen in our films, place a slight balm on the senses.

The sum-up? Well, it is there in the first line of this review.


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