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Jab Tak Hain Jaan – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on November 13, 2012 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Aditya Chopra
DIRECTOR – Yash Chopra
WRITER – Aditya Chopra (story and screenplay), Devika Bhagat (screenplay)
CAST – Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
MUSIC – A.R. Rahman

Love stories never go out of fashion, especially the eternal romance type – a brand Yash Raj Films has made their own and a genre Yash Chopra completely reinvented, rightfully branded the King of Romance for. Jab Tak Hain Jaan, his swansong headlining Shahrukh Khan, this generation’s most loved lover-boy, comes as yet another ode to everlasting love and its pinings.

As the more recent Yash Chopra films go, it is a tale of boy-meets-girl, falls in love and separates awaiting the hand of fate to play its turn for their reunion. Arika (Anushka Sharma) a blithe, rookie journalist discovers the diary of Samar Anand (Shahrukh Khan), sort of a heroic bomb detection squad champ and learns of his undying love for Meera (Katrina Kaif). Ten years back a soon-to-be-married Meera and Samar fell in love over coffee and conversations in London but could not unite due to a pact Meera had made with God. Since then, a dejected Samar has been courting death refusing to wear safety gear on the job. Arika decides to make a documentary on the daredevil and in the process falls in love with him herself. Only to find the hand of fate interfering again.

A master story-teller, Yash Chopra is known for handling emotions competently even while staying within the confines of Bollywood’s conventions. It is precisely this treatment that invests seriousness and a delicate romantic intensity to the film. It tugs and pulls at the heartsrings, especially because of the performances of the leads who play out their characters with an honesty we rarely get to watch in stars merely sticking to their templates film after film.

Shahrukh Khan drops his regular mannerisms and tones down his performance without losing his innate charm. He becomes the madly in love, happy-go-lucky guy doing three jobs to survive in the first half and the wounded and stone-cold bomb squad leader in the second with a command. Katrina’s uninspired wardrobe and styling doesn’t allow us to build our own dreams of the Yash Raj heroine she was meant to be but a heartfelt performance makes up for it. The stunning looks and the insistent pout do come in the way more often than not but she strikes up a pleasant and believable chemistry with Shahrukh Khan. Anushka Sharma as the tomboy, go-getter witnessing the loss of her love balances the film with her energy and spontaneity giving her character a much more full-bodied contour.

Yet, despite this fantastic package at its disposal, the story and screenplay decide to remain wanton and shallow, even absurd at times. The film has a spirited and soulful tone while exploring Samar and Meera’s heady romance, a headiness that has an almost unstated unacceptability in the YRF universe. But the film fears to tread beyond this one step into new territory. Everything, from the locations, setting, styling and emotional drama are so conventional it almost takes away all the heart of the grandiloquent romance of the two. Also, once the giddy romance gives way to pain, the film takes a very old-fashioned route that speaks more of safety than celebration. Add to this, the underwhelming songs by two musical geniuses A.R.Rahman and Gulzar and we have a package that just stops short of what it could have been, what it was meant to be.

Jab Tak Hain Jaan makes it impossible not to love this kind of everlasting love and at the same time impossible to love the film as well.

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