New Releases | RAJDHANI EXPRESS – Point Blank Justice – (Worldwide release on 4th January 2013)

RAJDHANI EXPRESS – Point Blank Justice – (Worldwide release on 4th January 2013)

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Keshav, an errand boy for a gun runner, steals the weapon and a ticket to escape and travel in Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Mumbai. Inside the train his fate is no better. Distanced, ridiculed and humiliated, he reacts by pointing his gun at his co-passengers. All Hell breaks loose.

Deputy Commissioner at ATS, Yadav, sees and extracts a political mileage from the situation. He weaves a web, endangering not only Keshav, but also other travelers in it. His motive is to get even with his boss, the Minister of Home, whose parents also happen to be on the train. While the media plays into the hands of Yadav, can Keshav escape the trap?


Leander Paes,          Jimmy Shergill,        Puja Bose,                Priyanshu Chatterjee,

Gulshan Grover,      Kiran Kumar,            Mukesh Rishi,          Sadhanshu Pandey,

Sayali Bhagat,          Achint Kaur,              Shilpa Shukla


Presented by – Keval Garg   and   Vivek Agarwal

Banner – Trueman Entertainment, SLA Impex Pvt Ltd & Cine Acts

Genre – Social Political Drama

Director –   Ashok Kohli

Producers – Manoj  Kejriwal , Ritika Kohli ,  Rajesh K Patel

Associate Producers – Piyush Gupta, Indivar Bhatia, Vivek Agrawal & Hanif Chunnawala

Cinematographer – Mohan Varma

Screenplay & Dialogues -   Ashok Kohli

Editor – Chirag Jain

Production  Head – Hanif Chunnawala

Executive producers – MASTERMIND

Art Director - Rugved Ranade   and   Raju Sapte

Media Consultants – Neelam Gupta and SHAHID KHAN

                       NR2-The Image Engineers

Background Score –    Bapi – Tutul

Choreographer –   Ashok Kohli  /  Nisha Ramakrishnan

Publicity design –    Cinnamon Designs  ( Annupama Kinagi )

Costume Design –   Nadia Rebello & Tanu Bhatia

Marketing –   Bhavesh Thakker

Distribution –   Dar Film Distributors Private Limited

Laboratory –   Reliance Media Works Ltd

VFX-    Film Tribe

Music on –     T – Series

Music – Lahu Madhav    and    Ritesh Nalini

Lyrics – Mirza Ghalib  ‘Koi  Umeed…………….

SINGERS –  Suresh Wadkar ,  Udit Narayan ,  Shaan ,  Hitesh Prasad , Kumar Ranjan ,  Madhusmita

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