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Rise of the Guardians – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on December 21, 2012 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Christina Steinberg, Nancy Bernstein
DIRECTOR – Peter Ramsey
WRITER – David Lindsay-Abaire (Screenplay) Based on the book “The Guardians of Childhood” William Joyce
VOICE CAST – Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Jude Law
MUSIC – Alexander Desplat

Evil exists, always has and always will. What doesn’t need to, is our fear of it. This little fact, enough to empower entire humanity, is presented ever-so- sweetly in Rise of the Guardians. All it brings to us is a motley group of guardians – a tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Jack Frost and a bunch of little kids to give us hope, faith and light.

Made from William Joyce’s book The Guardians of Childhood, written some 200 years ago, one wonders if the appeal of this very simple film will hold among a generation fraught with the complexities of modern living. But then, the mind counters, faith and fear are universal cornerstones of human existence and aren’t simple messages better told in the simplest possible manner?

So good and evil battle it out with the immersive charms of 3 D and delightful imaginativeness even as boundaries are clear and playing field unequal. Pitch, a bogeyman, wishes to take over children by instilling fear and the Man in the Moon summons the guardians to prevent him. He is turning the sweet dreams Sandman makes into nightmares, he has kidnapped all of the Tooth Fairies except the Queen, and hijacked the children’s memories stored in their teeth. He won’t allow Easter Bunny to deliver his eggs and is trying hard to make home in Frost’ Achilles Heel, his fear of remaining invisible because no one believes in him.

It is with an explosion of colours and swishing, sparkling pyrotechnics that the Guardians take on Pitch. The animation is a swirling drama of incredibly dynamism as Santa zooms around in his swanky chariot, Sandman sprinkles awesome gold dust around, a gorgeous Tooth Fairy dazzles and Easter Bunny summons up his lovely egg army. Even Pitch’s nightmares, represented as ferocious horses are breathtaking in their glory, making this rather small film a glorious 3 D adventure. It is suitably accompanied by Alexander Desplat’s larger than life music that makes the wonder of it all, well, gets even more wonderful.

But at the heart of it all is the simple story of courage, or choosing faith over fear and returning to the arms of peaceful sleep. For this, the book and film need only a handful of wide-eyed children. And it suffices, because who else but those innocents can really teach us the lesson of solid faith and trust?

A delight for children as well as adults, Rise of the Guardians has no pretensions of complexities or modernity (except in its visual appeal). But the warmth of its message and feel-goodness of its world is very welcome anytime, and for this festive season, even more so!

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