Films | Artist Interviews | Priyanshu Chatterjee: Rajdhani Express is a common man’s tale of struggle for existence.

Priyanshu Chatterjee: Rajdhani Express is a common man’s tale of struggle for existence.

Posted by Vivek on December 22, 2012 | No Comments

What is your role in Rajdhani Express all about?

Priyanshu Chatterjee :  B.C. Bannerjee is a movie script writer, working in Bollywood. He hails from Kolkata and has a bit of a speech impediment when it comes to his speaking in Hindi which gives his character a funny outlook. He is essentially a strong valued Hindu who has a bit of a voyeuristic take on life. He thinks very highly of his intellect but actually is quite shallow on the inside. It’s an interesting and real character.

What attracted you to the project?

The script in totality and the character that I was asked to play attracted me to the project.

Any interesting anecdotes while filming?

Yes we had a lot of fun while filming the movie. The whole bunch of actors and technicians worked so well together and it was a joy to go to work everyday. The assistant directors in particular was I thought the most efficient and whenever one felt the brunt of the intensive work hours, they would break into hilarious song-dance sequences which kept the general morale high. Another not so funny anecdote was of losing an elderly actor to death whilst shooting which got us all very sad. It just showed us how unpredictable life can be, in the morning we had all greeted the gentleman warmly and in the evening his existence had no warmth left to it.

 Talk a little about the film in general and the team that conceptualized and put together this project?

The film Rajdhani Express is a common man’s tale of struggle for existence, his aspirations. It talks of today’s India and how at the very face of it we are so modern and yet so backward and prejudiced at the same time. It is this duality that exists and confounds us in our day to day life. Mr. Ashok Kohli, the director of the film had conceptualized the film and written it as well. The setting of the whole film inside a speeding moving train is symbolic of our life and times and the pace at which we live it. And an ordinary, common man steps in and how he hijacks the train and gives a very bleak and morose twist to our rosy life is what the film is about. The assistant directors, Javed, Nisha, Sunny Tiku, Nishant all chipped in with their precious bits and that’s how the film came about.

 On working with an ensemble cast, including Leander?

It was a wonderful experience working with the whole cast and crew. I had a wonderful time jamming with Mr. Gulshan Grover, Leander Paes, Lee as we lovingly call him, Sudhanshu Pandey,Puja Bose. It was great fun to see the varieties in approach of all the actors and it’s always fun to work with a good team. Lee did promise a game of tennis to me as I was pretty overawed initially being a huge tennis fan. So I had tons of questions for him everyday, none related to movies but all about his tennis life, about players on tour, etc., etc. So you can say I had a great time working on the film and wish everyone associated with it a joyous release.

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