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JACK REACHER – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on December 28, 2012 | No Comments

Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Principal Cast: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo

The audience gets into Jack Reacher, based on the trailer, assuming that this is the MI series in continuum, but that it is not. It has a lot more dialogue and a lot less action and a solid story, based on Lee Child’s book.  However, from a pure Hollywood entertainment perspective, the story does have an “old school” look to it and that proves its biggest hurdle.  This also is the twilight innings of Tom Cruise, as THE TOM CRUISE. It shows in the film and the performance. There is a strong element of predictability. However, the female lead Rosamund shines, as do the other cast members, all of whom are given well defined and well sketched parts and characters.

Ultimately, the audience follows the story as opposed to the protagonist and that is not a completely bad thing at all. The unfolding of the screenplay is the real hero here, which is a pity, cause that is not what is used to draw the audience in. Hence the wrong audience gets drawn in for the wrong film.

The other highlights of the film are an emphasis on middle America, that is caught in essence in this drama and some fine raw action sequence, without any over the top violence. Also the other amazing highlight is how each and every character in the film, is given such well defined lines and character sketches. This draws the audience even to minor characters and that in turn gets the audience attached to the film.

With the length about right, this is dramatic entertainment, coupled with some catchy dialogues. Actually the increased drama and characterizations, make this a more interesting watch than the last MI, mainly because we as audience follow the characters and drama a little more and stay with the story, a lot more.

Although not sure if it is a good or a bad thing when Jack Reacher steps into the background and the story and minor characters become, more the film. Also the “humanizing” of the traditional “loner-drifter” characterization of the older Hollywood films, is quite fascinating. Jack Reacher does show shades of a “thinking Rambo” and that is again a highlight of this film.

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