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We caught up with Gaurav, in the midst of his “not a single day off,” as he entertains both Gurgaon and Mumbai. Gaurav talks about being a part of the new, huge musical, JHUMROO, that has become the rage and is winning audiences from across the globe and his new show Tota weds Maina.

What is Jhumroo all about?
I play the lead character. We have 19 songs of Kishore Kumar, like a tribute to him. It is a huge show with 60 dancers and 40 actors and a crew of over 100. So basically everyday there is a cast and crew of 200 plus which make the show happen. Also a vast audience of approx 800 plus, in line with the capacity. It is a grand show and we have two shows in a day. We get a global audience and the feedback has been one of immense happiness and joy at witnessing the spectacle.  Because it is so grand, we have a specially built theater for this and that would make it hard to transport the show within India, as of now at least, so Gurgaon it is for now and the world will have to come here. There are times when I am on harness and flying 80 feet above the ground, so that kind of spectacle. So if Kingdom of Dreams expands to different parts of India, then perhaps, yes we will be visiting different parts of the country.

What attracted you to be a part of Jhumroo?
I had seen their earlier production, Zangoora, had been on for two years. Hussain and Gauhar Khan were  part of that. I saw that in 2010 and when I did see it, I made a small wish that I wanted to do something on that scale. Things worked out and I was very happy to become a part of this show. Plus the great thing is I am from Gurgaon, so this gives me an opportunity to be home, which is like ten minutes from Kingdom of Dreams. This gives me a chance to be with my family again, after a considerable amount of time in Mumbai, so that is an added benefit.

What is Tota Weds Maina all about?
I play the character of Tota, a simple boy, it’s a joint family, he lives with his uncle, parents, sister, brother in law, the whole nine yards. Tota is studying to be a Chartered Accountant and somehow he gets married, due to family pressure as generally happens here. Selects the girl, finalizes everything hence Tota and Maina get married. The personality of Maina is very different  from Tota, so the show is all about that of her coming into a new family. Its  a  happy, family show.

Any hope of seeing you in films again?
Currently my dates are all taken, maybe if I have some time, once we have a bank of episodes, then I will revive that part of my life .

Perfect medium for the actor in you?
Difficult question. I love all of them, including Radio. I have done Radio for a while. Internet and Ad Films. All of these are playground for an actor, so I would not say anyone over the other.

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