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Jayantabhai ki Love Story – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on February 15, 2013 | No Comments

FILM – Jayantabhai ki Love Story
PRODUCER – Kumar S Taurani
DIRECTOR – Vinnil Markan
WRITER – Kiran Kotrial
CAST – Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma, Nasser, Shishir Sharma
MUSIC – Sachin, Jigar, Kiran Kamath

Love stories and bhaigiri is a ticklishly sweet combo. Bhais= cold, cruel, crude. Love=sweet, soft, lofty. Where’s the connect, we may ask? And a story that makes the connect for sure must be an interesting premise, right?

Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi) is a crude, cute-ish local goon happily immersed in his crime world cocoon. Until he meets the lovely and sophisticated Simran (Neha Sharma) who is a far cry from the world he inhabits. Opposites attract and the unlikely happens. However, the unlikely here is not as much Jayantabhai falling in love with Simran but Simran reciprocating. Nevertheless she does but happy endings are far away. There is Simran’s dad to concur with as well as Jayantabhai’s ganglord played by Nasser. Out tumble a world of complications that are dealt with part tomfoolery part play-acting and full-on insipidity.

Yes, insipidity. Alas, a premise with a ready-made palette of quirk, comedy and emotion is rendered useless by an unimaginative set-up and flat writing. A story such as this demands a light sleight of hand that delves intuitively into situations and character motivations bringing out the humour of contrasts and the joke that life itself is sometimes. Jayantabhai ki Love Story tries but unfortunately doesn’t level up in anyway.

However, there is an earnestness in the story-telling. The episodes between the couple before they fall in love pack some interesting moments but it isn’t enough for us to buy their story or fall in love them ourselves. Needless to say when the story spirals towards unnecessary drama and twists it fails to perk our attention further, despite the earnestness.

Strictly by looks, Neha and Vivek Oberoi suit the roles they are cast in but where is the chemistry? The lack of it isn’t in the sheer charmlessness of the direction alone. Vivek Oberoi while not hamming overdoes his single-note cuteness, trying too hard and wearing his bhai lingo very pointedly, as though to say ‘look, I am speaking like a true-blue bhai, ain’t I?’. Neha Sharma goes through the motions that typify her into a girl-next-door as well as a glam doll all at the same time. Blame Bollywood for the stereotyping but Neha simply doesn’t display a screen presence or command over her shoddily written role. Her voice too, clearly dubbed by someone else, is another give away of an insipid performance that simply doesn’t create a world tangible enough for us to sigh or giggle over.

Jayantabhai ki love story then becomes relegated to those interesting premises that are rendered useless by a tried-hard-but-just-didn’t-happen effort that lacks flair and imagination. Sad, because it did have a germ of a decent film within it.


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