Announcements | 2013 Indian Films at WFH

2013 Indian Films at WFH

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46 Years of Independent Films in Festival, HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA

WHAT: In its 46th year, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival will showcase 50 new Independent features films and 102 Award-winning shorts from around the globe. All events are open to the general public.

 EVENTS:    Film Festival            April 12 through April 21st, 2013

  Awards Dinner        April 20th at 7:00 p.m.

 Six Film Industry Seminars    April 18,19,20th  at10 AM. & 2 PM

 Consular Regatta and BBQ    April 21st  at 1:00 PM

 WHERE:    Film Festival            AMC Dunvale 30 Theatres   (off Westheimer in SW Houston)

  Awards Dinner        Westchase Marriott Houston Hotel

 Six Film Industry Seminars     Westchase Marriott Houston Hotel

Consular Regatta & BBQ    The Houston Yacht Club

FEATURING:    The best emerging Independent filmmakers, actors, directors and producers representing more than 30 countries. Salute to the 100th year of Cinema in India.

PURPOSE:    As a non-profit cultural and educational organization, the WorldFest mission & vision is to recognize and honor outstanding creative excellence in film and video while educating and introducing excellence in cinematic arts for the promotion of cultural tourism in Houston which adds to the rich cultural fabric of our city.

As one of the oldest film festivals in the world, it was founded in August 1961 as an International Film Society, evolved into a competitive International Film Festival in 1968, and became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York.  This organization has the distinct honor of “discovering” film greats like Steven Spielberg, Lucas, Lynch, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, Francis Ford Coppola and the Coen Brothers. WorldFest continues to present the true independent film and its filmmakers, offering a new venue for directors searching for a forum for their works independent of the major distributors.

 All WorldFest films will be screened at the AMC Dunvale Studio 30 Theater, 2949 Dunvale off Westheimer. Check our website:

for the full program, ticketing & trailers.

Salute to India’s 100th Year of Cinema


Historical/Romantic Drama 120 minutes RETROSPECTIVE   Sudhir Mishra  INDIA

A compelling film set in 1975 India of various internal conflicts taking place as Geeta, Siddhart and Vikram’s lives become interwoven through the fate and destiny of the nation of India. 4/14 @ 9PM & 4/20@ 9PM

SURKHAAB     Narrative Drama   100.Minutes TEXAS Premiere

Sanjay Talreja    INDIA/CANADA    Following her brother’s path of emigrating to Canada, a young woman, Jeet, finds herself to be an illegal immigrant and a carrier of secret goods amidst the strange new world where she is determined to not only survive but prevail against a thuggish enemy. 4/20 @ 5PM

 THE NOWHERE SON   Narrative drama    99 minutes  World Premiere

San Banarje    India/USA   Physician Sanjay Chakroborty’s father, professor Anil (Soumitra Chatterjee

) goes missing soon after a corrupt minister, Maity (Biswajit Chakraborty ) in Calcutta was been denied access to buying their homeland property to build a luxury hotel  Now Sanjay gives up everything in search of his father. 4/16 @ 7PM

 PLAY LIKE A LION Documentary 72 Minutes Joshua Dylan Mellars INDIA/USA   American born Alam Khan travels to India on his first concert tour without his ailing father, legendary Indian sarodist, Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and begins to feel the weight of living up to his Father’s legacy. 4/17 @ PM

BENOY, BADAL & DENISH Drama  118 minutes N. American Premiere ~Anjan Dutta ~A rising actor in India is harassed by a corrupt & powerful industry magnate after he comes forward to reveal that the magnate’s son has committed a murder of a lady Jazz singer at a popular night club. 4/18 @ 9PM

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