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Rangrezz – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on March 22, 2013 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Vashu Bhagnani

DIRECTOR – Priyadarshan

WRITER – Mushtaq Shiekh (Screenplay), Samuthirakani (Story)

CAST – Jackky Bhagnani, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma, Priya Anand

MUSIC – Sajid-Wajid, Sundar C Babu

Priyadarshan’s films are a world of their own. Like Prakash Jha and Madhur Bhandarkar, his movies too have a stamp that over the years has become a lifeless template, a formula of his own making, which worked for a while but then became completely removed from a sensibility or soul.

His latest film is a remake of the Tamil film ‘Naadodigal’, already remade in several languages and much well-received. Rangrezz is also a desperate attempt at setting off the sagging career of Jackky Bhagnani. Maybe that is why tried and tested territories and old-world values and violence come in so handy.

Rishi Deshpande (Jackky Bhagnani), the literally central character is a lower middle class chap who is ever-ready to lay down his life for his friends. So when his childhood friend Joy (Raghav Chanana) attempts suicide over the matter of the heart, Rishi gangs up his group Vinu (Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakya (Vijay Verma) to abduct the girl. Much violence and sharp chases follow but all is not as it seems. Soon, Rishi’s own heart is on the line, taken over by the girl next door Megha (Priya Anand).

The film revolves around the big question of youth, “love” and throws in the obstacle of lust in its path to bring perspective. It isn’t really thought-provoking but is different to see a Hindi film attempt to draw the line and tell the difference. The three characters are bonded by undying friendship which is the absolute truth in their lives – a regular feature with youth of a certain age and type. However, the film isn’t a coming-of-age story and hence character arcs aren’t internal but external. It is all about what happens to the boys than how they deal with it and this leads to a loud yet lackluster

All this is done with the usual Priyadarshan flair of loud music, garish colours, break-neck chases and snappy editing. There is a grandness in Santosh Sivan’s cinematography that supplements the drama well. All focus is upon Rishi relegating everything and everyone to a mere set-up. The world of the film is coarse and rough, be it the Mumbai bits or the ones in the Northern hinterland. It takes the turn of a social drama, as most Priyadarshan films are wont to do but there is something too formulaic in everything to really convince.

Or maybe it is the lead whose faltering brings the entire house down. No doubt sincere, Jackky Bhagnani fails to breathe life into the character of Rishi. His co-performers Amitosh Nagpal and Vijay Verma fare better in lesser important and even shallower roles. Priya Anand is pretty but unfortunately saddled in a limited role.

There is some crackle in the road-side lingo the characters spew but largely the heavy sleight of hand drives up the notches of everything from decibels, to emotions, to colours to energy so high that all else falls by the wayside. One does then wonder of the point of it all.


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