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Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru have given us different films in different genre’s. All have the combined hallmark of being a mix of entertainment and “different from the run of the mill.” Flavors, 99, SHOR, each one existing in a space of its own. It is no different this time around. GO GOA GONE, is their next one, out in May. Here we corner the director duo on GO GOA GONE (“GGG”).

What is GGG all about ?

As a broad categorization it is a zomcom – or zombie comedy. In other words it is a take on zombies in India.

At a deeper level, it is also a satire on the current generation youth who are so dependent on technology (their mobiles, internet, Facebook) and how – lacking all survival skills – they would cope in a jungle when thrown in the midst of zombies!

A Zombie story in India, why?

Why not? Today’s audiences are very tuned in to international cinema. And a very Indian take on what is essentially a foreign concept seems like a great idea. The spirit of the film is summarized in a line in the trailer. When one remarks – “In India we have bhoot pret chudail, where did zombies come from?” another responds – “Globalization.”

The characters are very real, but thrown in an outlandish – and foreign – situation. They react like you and I would react!

On the ensemble actor cast of GGG?

It was very important for us to cast a superstar for the character of Boris. And someone with a great sense of humor, someone willing to take a dig at himself… And who better than Saif for that role? He was our first and only choice for that role.

And Kunal Khemu is someone we have worked with in 99 earlier. He is a very talented actor, with a great comic timing. We had always thought we’d do another movie together and this role was tailor-made for him. Vir Das and Anand Tiwari are both very funny on screen. And the camaraderie between the three is superb. And for the girl, we wanted to cast someone who could be one of the boys. Puja Gupta was a great choice for that role.

Highlights or anecdotes during the making?

The toughest part about making this film was the zombies themselves. We have hundreds of zombies in the film and it was important that they all looked and acted like zombies. This in itself posed a challenge – having to create (make-up/prosthetics) and train large numbers of junior artists in zombie behavior! We had zombie workshops for a few weeks prior to going into shoot.

Talk a little about the crew of GGG, the music, editor, make up (given there is a blond desi here)?

This being a new genre in India, it came with the challenge of very little expertise available here. We got prosthetics teams from Australia, and then USA to get the zombies to look authentic. It is very important that they live up to international standards. The DOP, sound designer, production designer, action team – were all from various countries around the world. It was a truly international crew.

The music is by Sachin-Jigar, who gave music for us in Shor In The City. We have a great equation together and this is the beginning of a long association.

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