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On the face of it, Prashant Narayanan is one of India’s finest and most intense actors. But scratch that surface and you discover a complete mass communications professional. Prashant is a producer, a director, working on his private record label and recording his songs. There is an honesty in his performance,which were recently highlighted in films such as MURDER 2 and BHINDI BAZAAR. We talk to Prashant and find out about his past, present and future:

How did a state Badminton player from Delhi, land in films?

It was all by chance. A film crew led by Ketan Mehta had come down to Delhi to shoot a film and one of my friends was to assist in the Production Department, of that venture. He could not make it and asked me to fill in. That was the start, then within a week the Art Director asked me to work with him, so I became an Assistant Art Director, then an Assistant Costume Designer, basically trying my hands in all aspects, since by then I had become interested in becoming a Producer and all of these were learning process of that phase. Started directing plays, all of this was because of my desire to be as far away from acting as possible. During this time, Bharat Rangachary was making a big TV program called Parivartan. Some of the actors in a play I had directed, had wanted to be a part of Parivartan and had auditioned for Bharat. They asked me to come along too. Bharat liked my audition, so the role came to me. A well written role, directed by a brilliant director. I was noticed. This gave a start to my acting career.

Where does that intensity come from, in each performance?

I have this immense desire to be immortal in anything that I attempt. Also during a shoot my head is most free, there is nothing I have to think about, except the shoot that I am doing. Otherwise life is busy and lots of things going on, so my being honest on the day of the shoot I guess comes across.

BHINDI BAZAAR AND MUDER 2, two back to back movies and suddenly the whole world has woken up to you, did the recognition come later than you would have liked to?

Not really, I have offers coming in for some time, but I need to really like the role, so it is not as if I am angry or upset, just my choice of roles.

Is the ambition to Direct and Produce still there?

More so. Have just shot my a short film, as a learning process.

So lets shift tracks and talk about the music part, is that a new passion?

No, music has been a part of my life for a while. I have always wanted to create a record label. These are baby steps. I know what I want to achieve, it is the how to do it, that I am trying to learn every day and music is the same. I do have a studio at my disposal, along with my office, so whenever I want to make some music, I go to the studio.

If you had one hour more to live, where would it be spent?

Directing Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in a very intense sequence and expecting them to give the best shots of their life

Any desire to do something with Malyalam cinema, given you were born in Kerala?

I have already done one Malyalam film called UNNAM and now am shooting for another one with Manisha Koirala.

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