Announcements | Madrid International Film Fest – Day 2

Madrid International Film Fest – Day 2

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2nd July 2013 – Festival Hotel, Hotel Praga

Day 2 at the festival and the screening opened with Eternity, a New Zealand, Hong Kong co-production directed by Alex Galvin. Today’s screening featured an exciting mix of nominated entries and these were enjoyed by a packed audience.  But ultimately, the feedback amongst the audience after the second day of screening at the festival was dominated by talk of the shorts….

 A nominated entry that had everybody talking today was the short film from the United States “Heads Up”,  produced by Robert Krakovski.  The screening was met with a great reception amongst the filmmakers as well as attending distribution specialists Neil McEwan and Brad Blain.  As well as being a short film in its own right, Heads Up also serves as a promotional piece for the upcoming “Heads Up” feature.  In a short interview, producer Robert Krakovski explained that “Heads Up” has experienced an excellent run on the festival circuit and that reaction to the short provoked the question of a potential for a feature. Here at the MIFF festival the Heads Up team will be networking for potential cast, funding and exec producers for the forthcoming feature of this successful short.

 The short depicts the characters as somewhat “surrogate siblings” through their bickering and adolescent interactions and the depth of these relationships has seen much exploration by producer Robert Krakovski.  The familial dynamic and the satyrical treatment of violence seen in the short will be the very essence of the forthcoming feature according to Robert. Currently, the script for the feature is in its second draft and the captivating back stories of the characters are continually being explored. Watch this space and ‘heads up’ for the feature….

 Day 3 at the MIFF festival will kick off with the screening of Short film Isn’t This Love directed by Jay Parupalli.  We will also see the screening of Amorous Pancho Villa, winner of several awards including Best Foreign Language feature at the 2013 St Tropez International Film Festival.  Another great day of screening to look forward to!

“Heads Up” Robert Krakovski with Neil McEwan at the “Heads Up” post-screening reception

Day 2 screening

Eternity’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Sonia’s Story’ get acquainted in the Festival Hotel Bar

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