Announcements | Madrid International Film Fest – Day 3

Madrid International Film Fest – Day 3

Posted by Vivek on July 5, 2013 | 1 Comment

3rd July 2013 – Festival Hotel, Hotel Praga

Today the festival reached the halfway point and there was no sign of audiences or filmmakers slowing down! Getting accustomed to the vida madrileña, filmmakers were out in force for day 3 of screening.

Southern dyscomfort, Heads Up and Bolero

Kicking off with Jay Parupalli’s short ‘Isn’t this Love’ the tone was set for another great day of screening. A talking point for much of the filmmakers was the screening of Pundersons Gardens production Sommarstallet (Summer House). Winner of the Best Producer award at the St Tropez International Film Festival, Summer House depicts the dynamic between a circle of old friends that have gathered to celebrate Carl’s birthday in his family’s summer house on the west coast of Sweden.  Distribution specialist Neil McEwan enjoyed the screening and commented (along with many other filmmakers) on the encapsulating and natural interactions between the characters.

A further feature which enjoyed success at St Tropez International Film Festival and debuted in Madrid today was foreign language feature Amorous Pancho Villa.  Regarded as one of the films of the St Tropez festival by Neil McEwan, the mexican costume drama was yet again received well by all in the screening room.

Day 4 of the festival screening will be opened with Gary Herbert’s Thursday’s Speaker and will see nominated features and shorts screened throughout the day. Day 4 will also see the first of the film festival’s two networking evenings take place at the festival hotel and we look forward to more filmmaker chat and feedback! Awards ceremony just around the corner now…. watch this space!

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Great time with fellow actors, directors, producers and writersin Madrid! Ruben roberto gomez July 9, 2013 at 12:02 am
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