Announcements | Madrid International Film Fest – Day 4

Madrid International Film Fest – Day 4

Posted by Vivek on July 9, 2013 | 1 Comment

4th July 2013 – Festival Hotel, Hotel Praga

Some fresh faces arrived to the Festival Hotel today to join the MIFF gang.

A great day of screening yet again with lots of exciting discussion that followed during the evening’s networking. Scriptwriters, actors, actresses, directors and producers getting acquainted and discussing the days’ screenings! Docs and Shorts were the talk of the day with Rising against the Blues and Painstaking the main talking points amongst festival go-ers.

Produced by Ralf Kemper and directed by Yoon-ha Chang, Rising above the Blues tells us the story of 85 year old singer Jimmy Scott, an artist who has had profound influence on the world of jazz and pop but was never recognized by a wider audience. Featuring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Quincy Jones and Madeleine Peyroux amongst others, the doc depicts the fascinating story of the ‘unknown icon of jazz music history’. A very popular screening amongst filmmaker’s who commented on how moving and emotional the story was.

The other stand out screening of the day according to filmmaker’s was Adolfo Martinez Perez’s Painstaking. What starts as social drama about cancer quickly slips towards over the top and into the surreal.  The aim of Painstaking is discomfort “If you feel uncomfortable laughing at no laughing matter, we did our job: your discomfort is our pleasure.”  There was a fantastically surreal atmosphere in the screening room due to the satirical treatment of the ‘non laughing matter’ with bursts of laughter and amazed faces. In this sense it’s fair to say the short more than achieved its goal – discomfort!!

As the week goes on it seems that the Short categories are widely being regarded by the festival attendees as the toughest – with Saturday’s closing ceremony just around the corner lots of excitement to see where the awards go here!

The Swallow Tailed Paper

Those City Girls

From the screening room!

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What a treat each day to read your posts and see your photos- It was so wonderful being there and we were so proud to have had Southern Dyscomfort screened and our traile/sizzle for our next film FAKE   I love these beautiful photos, I have many beautiful photos that i wish to share and perhaps I will create a photo blog  -thanks so much for keeping these wonderful memories alive! Sabrina Culver Sabrina Culver July 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm
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