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What cards life throws to us is not in our control, what we do with those cards, definitely is! VJ, Actress, Singer, Musician, Motivational speaker and basically a model of positivity and hope, is what Raageshwari has become. At a very young age, she got a super start to Bollywood, and at an equally young age, she also faced a very challenging personal battle, which would have taken a toll on most. Raageshwari, then, is not most! Taking a day at a time, she has overcome odds and we can now crown her the real life, Big Boss. Here we talk to this multi faceted artist, as she gets ready to release her new album, “Affirmation:”

Q1) Please let us know about your album, “Affirmation?”

Interestingly, though, ‘affirmations’ are considered a western philosophy, actually we can find its origins in India. Women in that era would ‘affirm’ even to their unborn children about how successful, powerful and virtuous the child would be. That’s why I guess we had great scholars and leaders in that era. Think Abhimanyu and you know that affirmations were chanted to him while he was still in his mother’s womb.

My national award winning musician father Trilok Loomba who is my twin soul, has always taught me the power of words. So it was our dream to create an album that could benefit people positively.

Emara Masato a Japanese scientist conducted a magical experiment on water and rice. Just with positive or negative words, the conditions of the rice in water changed dramatically from wine to being muddy and black. Water being the most receptive element also reacted to loving words and words of hatred. Remember, we are all made up of water. Hence, you can understand how imperative it is to speak words of love and positivity. Happier people recover faster from illnesses. Happier people are more successful. Happier people are more sharper. But how do we always remain happy ? How do we find people to say happy things to us?  Hence, an affirmation CD will be a perfect companion.

An affirmation is purely a positive and re-assuring statement for your present. Its a seed being planted in your brain for results. For example : if you’re financially facing losses. The more you think of losses the more we attract them. So let’s make an affirmation of inviting work opportunities that will create more wealth. So I would affirm “I am enjoying an exciting and fulfilling Job that’s bringing me more wealth with each passing day” . So with an affirmation like that you focus more on the positive and also a plan of action. So we can create our own affirmations to always chant or go back to. Could be for good health, relationships, confidence ! It could be anything. Remember, an affirmation is always in present tense and always about growth.


What is the theme here and also where did the inspiration come from?

Theme is simple. I narrate positive and uplifting statements about you, me and the world in the CD. It has a healing soundtrack by my national award winning musician father Trilok Loomba. The music and words are to raise your vibrations and your feelings of self-worth and your confidence.

I always believed that every illness is a result of a continuous negative thought pattern. Positive thoughts and affirmations make people /children/ elders instantly joyous and help in recovery be it financial/physical or personal. This had to reach out to everyone. This was my basis.
You know I became a motivation speaker by default after my paralysis. Corporates invited me to talk about my recovery and more about the essence to never give up. Interestingly, after my Bigg Boss stint, I received such wonderful names which amused me like ‘positive raaga’ and ‘messenger of peace’ that I was invited to give talks on ‘peaceful co-existence’. (Laughs)
I have learnt everything from my motivational Guru Mr. Jack Canfield. (Creator of the bestseller chicken soup for the soul series and the bestseller Success principles). He is awe-inspiring in his seminars. During our chats he asked me of my one plan which was selfless and completely for humanity’s benefits.
I told him of my aspiration to bring world renowned healer ‘Louise Hay’s’ miraculous affirmations into India in the form of an audio CD, so anyone could hear it anytime/anywhere. So he simply connected me with Hay House in America and things started to roll.

Q2) Any plans of a live tour to the UK/Canada/US?

I would love to tour the world and spread this philosophy and belief. I believe if we change our words we can change our lives. For now I’m touring India. By Divine’s grace the CD is doing so well. I guess our affirmations worked. So yes touring to the UK, Canada and US would be a dream and I affirm it will come true. Especially visiting schools, colleges and hospitals is priority on my list.

Q3) You have overcome some major challenges in life, how has that moulded you as a person and as an artist?

It has given me a“Broader Perspective’ ! Today I always look at life with a positive perception. We must realise problems could have been worse. Have we lost our family to war ? To a sudden tragedy ? Are we victims of a genocide ? The moment we switch on CNN or BBC or world news, you realise such grave calamities that exist. This instantly puts us in a place of gratitude. That is an amazing place to be in as it relaxes our nerves and keeps us hopeful. In any illness/problems be it personal or professional , remember to look out for inspiration and motivation.  Like when I had facial paralysis , I met patients who were paralysed neck down or they could not move their entire left side, or were in a coma since 2 years. Watching them I felt ‘Gosh my illness is negligible’. An artist truly only grows when you have these interesting periods in life. These periods come camouflaged as disturbing moments but they will change the course of your life, your vision and your perception. I choose to believe I was always very sincere and emotional as I have had a very meaningful upbringing from my simple parents who worked extremely hard. But after an illness you simply connect with people on a spiritual level. You want to spread joy and happiness with your work, your words and your actions.

Q4) Is acting a thing of the past now, or is that something you might do again in the future?

I’m a YES girl. I welcome all opportunities which are exciting, challenging and would take me to another level as a performer. So all aspects of the entertainment world I revere and I’m totally open to.

Q5) There are various facets to your life, VJ, model, theater, musician  and motivational speaker,
which one is the most important for you?

All are equally important and have a dynamic role to play. Like when I am holding a serious motivational seminar, its great to lighten things up the next day when I have a wedding Sangeet performance for a 3 hour concert. Then I take it easy with an ad film shoot. Theatre is fabulous and calls for complete dedication. I did the Indian version of the “Graduate’ many years ago and I loved it. SO it’s a dream  to work at WestEnd and Broadway. I bow down to every profession as all have helped me be the person that I am. But being with people and interacting with them is most important and satisfying to me.

Q6) Future projects that you can share, be it in Theater/Television/Music?

I am soon to work on a Fitness DVD , almost like a part deux to my Tibetan Rites DVD

  which has been received so well. I recommend everyone to try these. I’m also working on a project with TAJ wherein I create songs for their exquisite restaurants. I’m starting with Konkan Cafe which is the brainchild of MasterChef Anada Soloman.

I also have a Sufi album ready and jumping to be released. So I’m excited to have it release this year for sure.

The Affirmation CD can be purchased online from

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