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Lets face it. A lot of actors across the globe want to work in the City of Angles, Los Angeles and be a part of Hollywood. Here we talk to renowned acting instructor, Michelle Danner, who informs us the nuts and bolts of going about it.

a) A little about Michelle and also the Edgemar Center ?
Michelle Danner is the founding and artistic director of The Edgemar Center for the Arts a cultural arts center in Santa Monica, CA that encompasses two theaters and an art gallery. She is a renowned actor, director and award-winning acting coach based in Hollywood. Her studio encompasses the following acting techniques : Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov, & the Stanislavsky Technique.
Michelle Danner works with many A-List actors privately and on set including Henry Cavill, Chris Rock,  Gerard Butler, Seth MacFarlane, Melanie Brown, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Penelope Cruz, Grant Bowler, Michael Pena, Isla Fisher, Common, Salma Hayek, Brian McKnight, James Franco, Marcia Cross, Christian Slater, Catherine Bell, Zooey Deschanel, Gabrielle Union, Justine Wadell, Rick Fox, Kellan Lutz and Michelle Rodriguez among many others.
She has trained personally with Stella Adler, Uta Hagen and managed the Larry Moss Studio for twenty years. She teaches acting intensives at The Michelle Danner Acting and teaches internationally in Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, Sydney, Paris, South Africa, and New York the Golden Box and auditioning for film and television.
Danner was the acting coach expert on the WB show “The Starlet” and was voted favorite acting coach by Backstage readers. She also appeared on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” giving an acting lesson to Andy Richter.
Michelle Danners latest directorial film “Hello Herman” written by john Buffolo Mailler stars Norman Reedus from the “Walking Dead” & “Boondock Saints” & Marta Higareda. The movie premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and international premiered at the Monaco Charity Film Festival winning the award for socially relevant film. The film opened on June 7, 2013 in nationwide with simultaneous availability on VOD in 100 million homes.  The trailer for Hello Herman can be viewed ; Her movie production company, All in Films, has several film projects in development: You’re on the Air, The Bandit Hound, and The Will To. She has two books coming out in 2013, The Daily Ritual and The Golden Box.

b) What other parts of the world has Michelle conducted her workshops?
Michelle teaches internationally in Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, Sydney, Paris, South Africa. This fall she is scheduled to make her first visit to Russia for her Golden Box Master Intensive.

c) Would doing a workshop in India be of interest to Michelle?
Michelle is very interested in teaching workshops in India. Bollywood has maintained a thriving film industry for years, with many talented stars venturing their way to American sets. Actors such as Freida Pinto, Amitabh Bachchan, and Suraj Sharma represent great examples of the bubbling talent pool that exists in India. Michelle would be honored to have a hand in working with some of the country’s up and coming talent.

d) Dispel a myth here – acting is very different from different parts
of the world, hence can the techniques that are taught by Michelle, have relevance in places like India and China?

Michelle teaches a technique that is effective for actors of all different types. Michelle teaches students to get out of their heads and begin to live completely in the moment. She helps actors to find their own unique emotional triggers, so that no matter where they are from or what language they speak, their emotions are completely available to them in any situation. Actors around the world have found success studying with Michelle because she takes the emphasis off of the “method” and helps actors rediscover their own creativity.

e) Talk specifically about the program, from a foreign student of acting perspective, what are the steps that they have to go through to be accepted and obtaining their visa?
The Michelle Danner Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts, one of the top acting conservatories in Los Angeles, offers sponsorship to international students who aspire to begin, improve, or polish their acting skill set from beginner to advanced, and expand their acting resumes by working in the film industry. Through the M1 Visa Program international actors are able to study & work in beautiful, world famous, Santa Monica CA! This acting school offers individual acting classes and a 6 or 12 month well rounded actor training conservatory for actors interested in learning the craft at a more accelerated pace. It will also cover – Breaking into the Industry: The Insiders Guide:The must know business aspects of launching your acting career and marketing yourself.

Opportunities for Students
Our school is located at Edgemar Center for the Arts, a 2 theater and art gallery complex in Santa Monica. The Well Rounded Training Intensive gives students the opportunity to build their resumes and IMDB credits, through practical training and our various casting opportunities.
Our students have the ability to be part of the following:  film productions, film festivals and/or theater productions, take a look below at the 3 different websites: all in films, cinema at the edge and Edgemar center for the arts. Students have the opportunity to audition for acting parts or work/intern on our latest movies, audition for the various theater productions, and participate in our yearly film festival.
We also offer a Breaking into the Industry Seminar, which provides you with an understanding of the business side of acting. So that you can be ready when your program is complete and begin your work as an actor once approved for the OPT (Optional Practical Training). You will also be provided with a list of agents, and managers that represent international actors and how to best use them to your advantage.
For International Students who prefer to study abroad, email us
All In Films is an independent film production company. At the helm are Michelle Danner & Alexandra Guarnieri. The mission of All In Films is to produce high-quality, independent movies geared to entertain & spark social commentary

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