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As the saying goes you can’t keep a good man down and you certainly cannot ignore a good movie. The Good Road, is India’s selection for the Oscar this year. The man behind The Good Road, is Gyan Correa. His absolute dedication and honestly in his effort is unquestionable as is his quite and unassuming determination. Here we catch up with Gyan:

Describe the feeling- Your film is going all the way across the Pacific to the Oscars?

Not quite sure. I guess overwhelmed. Also very happy. For the film, the people who have invested so much time and effort and commitment, and me. But now the film belongs to India – as it will India’s official entry to the Oscars. I hope it does go all the way. India, Indian film makers will all benefit with a good Oscar showing.

A non traditional feature, may not have been easy to get off the ground, on the challenges and how they were overcome?

Challenges? As always, finding the money. Luckily for me, I had NFDC who saw merit in the project. Small budget, but enough to make the film, without the insane pressures of the world of mainstream cinema.
The the whole idea of allowing the drama of the story to stand out – and making all cinematic devices subservient to this. I wanted a real truck driver to play the part of the truck driver. It took us 5 months, trawling the highways of Gujarat – but look what we got – Shyamjibhai, a professional driver, who had the emotional depth to understand his character so well.

A South Mumbai guy, who is perhaps English speaking (or Hindi), works in as mass oriented a field as Advertising, makes his first film in a language not his native, allegedly with a story line and actors, that might not be the most commercially viable to start with….describe the two sides of Gyan Correa :) ?

Advertising is all about craft – telling a story tightly, but mostly a medium of ideas. Film is much more about art – transporting us to a world of drama. (There are cross leakages, of course.) Making the shift back and forth come s quite easily.

The kind of advertising films I’ve been making – all gloss and beauty, and this feature full of real life sans gloss – it’s easy to keep these two world separate.

What is the film about?

Two children, lost on a highway, finding their way home. What they encounter, people, situations – the bonds they make, the choices they make, how it changes them – all this happens on the Good Road.
I think this article is quite accurate:

Look Vivek, the film is a sweet tale – but it’s layered and nuanced in a very understated way.

Why this story? What was so compelling that it had to be told?

The idea of children discovering an alternate home of their own. I thought it be interesting to place this on a highway.

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