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Prague – Movie Review

Posted by barkha on October 1, 2013 | No Comments

Director: Ashish R. Shukla
Cast: Chandan Roy Sanyal, Arfi Lamba,  Sonia Bindra,  Mayank Kumar and Elena Kazan

There are very few thrillers that come out in Bollywood.The last time a thriller moved us to the edge of our seats was Kahaani, the tour de force starring Vidya Balan. Prague is not a thriller on these lines. It is a psychological thriller that is all about the mental state of our protagonist Chandan (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Chandan is an architect suffering from a unique combination of guilt and confusion. What is the reason of his guilt is best viewed on screen, but suffice to say that this is an overpowering emotion he experiences throughout the movie.

The movie begins in Mumbai but our focus soon shifts to Prague, where Chandan moves to work on a World War II art installation. Chandan stays with his roommate Gulshan (Mayank Kumar), who is the complete opposite of Chandan, arrogant and decisive where Chandan is confused and conflicted. Somewhere along the line two women enter Chandan’s life and he becomes even more confused and his feeling of guilt deepens. Prague’s melancholy beauty forms the perfect backdrop as we descend deeper and deeper into Chandan’s mind. When he meets Elena (Elena Kazan) a European of gypsy descent, we know that there will be another trip to purgatory for Chandan.

While the director’s intentions are admirable, there are several issues which stymie the movie here. The movie builds too placidly in the first half and then all at once it twists and turns, an effect that leaves the viewers confused. The film is ambitious in its premise of trying to portray Chandan’s psychological journey but it seems too moody to achieve that effect. The music doesn’t really grow on you but doesn’t interfere too jarringly with the proceedings either. The actors do a stellar job. Chandan is very good but the best parts of the movies are where Mayank Kumar is in the scene. The problems lie only with the story and you get the feeling that the director and scriptwriter are a little out of their depth. This is a decent watch if you are looking for darker, alternative cinema. If you want a weekend movie that leaves you uplifted though, The Lunchbox

, even watched a second time, would be a better bet.

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