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The London International Film Festival

 , the flagship film award event, from the group that got you The St Tropez International Film Festival, The Madrid International Film Festival and The Tenerife International Film Festival, commences on Oct 12 and runs through Oct 18. The event will culminate in the glittering and glamorous Award ceremony, on October 18th. At the time of going to press the Award ceremony has already been sold out.

A true Mecca for the Independent filmmaker, the festival and the awards have always been about recognizing the Independent films and the people behind them. And if the other festivals have that the group organizes, in St Tropez, Madrid and Tenerife are any indicator, then the Award ceremony is going to be, arguably, the biggest one, globally for the Independents.

The formal nature and the seriousness with which the organizers are going about the Awards, whether it is the fantastic venue at Drayton Court Hotel in Ealing, or by insisting on a formal dress code, something that is very appreciated by the attendees too, since it sets a tone of seriousness yet celebratory.

As the year 2013 has progressed, the Independent filmmakers have all aspired to win one or more of the coveted awards, presented by the group. This is not only for the prestige attached to them, but also because it is truly the “Industry centric” Award, as it will also be attended by buyers and sales agents, who are looking for that next Slumdog Millionaire, amidst the amazing films, the London International Film Festival selects. The competition is intense, but so is the camaraderie, as what is being celebrated on the night of the Oct 18, are the dreams and the achievements of filmmakers from across the globe.

Films and filmmakers will be present from countries such as Russia, Italy, India, US, Canada, Japan and of course he home country of UK and a whole host of others.

Celebrities will also be in attendance from near and far, such as the King of Streetdance, Prosenjit Guy Kundu.

These awards have grown in stature and prestige, with each passing year and are now poised to be The barometers of success, that global Independents aspire for.

Clips of the nominated films will be shown exclusively to the attendees and there will also be press coverage of the Award ceremony and indeed of the entire festival.

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