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The first thing that strikes about Mrigh, is how well he can handle both his success and his not so success. There is no defensiveness that one generally sees in Showbiz and Sports.  This maturity is evident even in his films. To make classic comedies, requires a lot of serious thought! This is evident when we speak to this bundle of talent, who mark our words, is going to be a force in filmmaking, for a long period of time:

Firstly, whether it was your not so successful  first film, or your recent super success, you appear to have the same calmness in demeanor, where does this maturity on the young shoulder come from?

I think one, is that I got an early start. I was 19-20 when I started my film career. So while I am still young, I have that length of experience behind me, to kind of mature me. When I was younger and more raw, as an AD, I would also get into these highs and lows, but given that my Bollywood age is 12-13 years now, I have I think, deep inside been a pretty centered person.  Also, while it did hurt that my initial film, Teen They Bhai, did not do that well, I also was not super euphoric with the success of Fukrey. I think I am the same. Also I have seen people losing it after the success, and that is very dangerous.

So your first film had not quite taken off. Phulkit’s first film, was not really blazing the box office. So what was going on in your mindset, as you were conceiving your second film, which has an actor in a lead role, who also had not quite gotten there?

Actually I was the one who was very keen to work with Phulkit. When I went for a screening of Bittoo Boss, I saw Phulkit and I liked him. When I brought up Phulkit’s name to Farhan and Ritesh, they were absolutely fine with it and asked me to go ahead with the screen/look test. When we did the test, he was one of the first set of boys, that came on board. He gave a very good test and we were all very impressed and we were sure that he changed look from what he was in Bittoo Boss, would actually put him in a different and fresh zone, this time. But there were no doubts in my mind, as such.

A non filmi guy from Delhi, who starts Engineering, lands up in Film Industry?

I come from a business family in Delhi, we have a jewelry showroom that has been around for more than 100 years. I am the first one from my family, who has ventured out doing something different.  But no problems from my family, in fact my father is very fond of films. It was literally me announcing that I wanted to switch from Engineering to Filmmaking and finding myself, in Film School the next day, with the full support of my family. In fact my father is a big fan of Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt and I had grown up watching these films.

You come across as someone who tries different things in your films, yet, having grown up in Delhi, you will probably agree that there are a lot more Delhi stories still to be told, so how would you balance these two  opposing ideas, within yourself?

In fact whenever we are sitting and discussing a Delhi based story comes up, the general remark is that “Not Another Delhi Film.” I think stories coming from Delhi will and should never end. In fact because of our diversity, we have so many stories to tell, from different parts of India. In fact all of my growing up years has seen a plethora of the Mumbai “bhai giri” etc, that has been seen on the screen, for around twenty years, so I don’t think there should be a problem, for a lot more stories to originate from Delhi. Just that the stories have to be nice and got to really make sense. It should not just thrive on the dialogue or the flavor. It should have a different story to be told of its own.

In your first film you had 3 solid, experienced actors, to your second film, where you almost all newcomers, how was that transition?

Both the experiences were awesome. Could not have asked for a better set of actors to start my first film with and got to learn a lot of things from them. At the same time they too got to learn a lot of things from me, and I am not being arrogant here, but they did mention that they also were interacting with a first time director and that they really enjoyed the experience. Cause you never stop learning, so when a Senior actor like Mr Om Puri says that, you feel really proud of yourself. Ditto for Fukrey, here the big advantage was the wavelength. I was able to explain their characters to them very well and since a lot of them were from the North, they were able to get not only their parts, but also the environment that was being created.

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