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Her portrayal of one of the most influential person and woman of the 20th century, captivated all the world. We are talking about Navni Parihar playing Indira Gandhi in Pradhanmantri. But we find out that Navni has so much to share in her two decade ride and development of the Indian Television. Here we get her undivided attention:

On doing Pradhanmantri?

Television, for sometime had not been exciting me too much. I guess I am not too fond of the daily soaps, since I come from the world of the weekly soaps. Plus the Saas Bahu thing does also not excite me. However, when Pradhanmantri was offered to me that was both exciting and challenging.  Challenging since playing a real person is harder, as there will be comparisons.  Exciting because the character I was playing was known not only nationally but also globally. Initially I was apprehensive whether I would even resemble the late Prime Minister, but once they had put the make up and I saw myself, I was absolutely surprised. After immersing myself in the historical books to get a perspective of the character, I found that it was going to be a full character sketch for me, since what the world knew as a PM, was also a mother, a daughter, had other relationships and what was a surprising discovery by me, was also a very emotional person.  So it was an amazing experience portraying all these sides to her.

 Films or Television?

I like Television for the fact that it gives you scope to get into a character and the time to show it in all its aspects, to the audience. The reach of the viewership is also vast and hence exciting to an artist. Films are a bigger canvas and the workload is a lot less, but you get to experience it on a larger scale.

Television over the years?

I have done Television for 22 years now. Earlier I think when programs used to appear weekly, there was more time to get it right, as opposed to now rushing to complete the dailies, more Channel interference now, earlier the stories progressed logically, now it almost seems that it is going in different directions, characters are being added, removed, etc. However, the profile and the pay for Television artists has become second to none, which is a great thing for the entire industry.

How did a Social WORK POST graduate from Indore, get into television?

Purely by chance. I moved to Mumbai from Indore, post marriage. My husband had a friend, who was in the creative line, Rakesh Choudhary. On meeting me for the first time, he mentioned to  us, that he would like to audition me, for his serial. I was surprised and initially, reluctant to act. But when I did go and I found myself in the company of artists such as Nutan and Utpal Datt, I was totally captivated. The work and the interaction with these artists was so fulfilling. This was for the serial Mujrim Hazir Ho.


Your best work till date, on Television?

Mujrim Hazir Ho and Pradhanmantri

Future plans to wear other creative hats?

Production for Television someday, and using my education, would like to produce something  that is socially beneficial and relevant.

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