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His song has become the Love Anthem of Bollywood for 2013. But there are a lot more compositions that he has given to the creative world, than just Aashiqui 2. Ankit Tiwari’s music is like a whiff of fresh air amidst the caricature and the mundane. We find out, when we talk to him, that this freshness is not only in his compositions but also in his overall persona. Over to Ankit:

On composing the most popular music for 2013, amongst the youth in India, for Aashiqui 2, describe that project and how the composition came about?

Firstly, it was not in our mind that we are going to work on the most admired song in Bollywood which became the Love Anthem of the Year. You do not compose like that. It was our (Me & my elder brother Ankur Tiwari) first interaction with Mahesh Bhatt camp, Vishesh Films. We were very excited that we grabbed a meeting with those people. Bhai (Ankur) called Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and introduced ourselves. After couple of rounds of telephonic discussions he asked us to meet the director Mr. Mohit Suri. Mohit asked us to bring our 5 best songs to him. After the confirmation of the one on one meeting with Mohit, I sat with my synthesizer in the night and just felt the moments. I wanted to connect to the superpower with my composition. God blessed me with this tune. We were thrilled with the first draft of it. After that we sat with my lyricist Mr. Sandeep Nath and got the basic lyrics. Till this time we have not met with Mohit, we were not aware about his requirement. After couple of days we met Mohit and presented this composition. Bang on… he liked it and asked us to give the song in a CD format. We gave it and after that no communication with any of the Vishesh Film representative for one and a half year. We were clueless about our song. We knew that time that Mohit is doing Asshiqui2 but with some other Music Director but we did not know that he can take multi music directors for his film. Finally the day came and Bhai got the call from Vishesh films that Sun Raha Hai is there in Aashiqui2. Rest is the history… But I would like to take two more names here because I dont think without them my song could have reached where it is now… Mr. Dhrubojyoti Phukan my arranger and Mr. Eric Pillai, sound engineer.

 A little about your background and what got you into films?

While pursuing my academia, I was also working on jingles and corporate ads, along with being in production in a Radio Station. During this time, Habib Faisal heard my work and I got a chance to compose for Do Dooni Chaar. Then I got more projects from Tigmanshu Dhulia, got additional work from the TV industry and all of these basically gave me a foothold, in the film industry.

What would you consider your most outstanding composition till date?

I am a learner or you can say a student of music. All the compositions are my babies. I love them all.

 Who, in the creative world, inspires you?

God. What a composer, what an engineer, what a doctor, what a painter etc. And as in artists in the music fraternity I love Mr. A R Rehman, Mr. R D Burma, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Salil Choudhry, Ricky Martin.

There is a certain freshness in your composition and it is also very grounded and earthy, where does that quality come from?

My family, my parents and my grand parents. We belong to a middle class family with cultural and musical roots. My mother Mrs. Suman Tiwari is a devotional singer & stage performer and my father Mr. R K Tiwari is a musical group organizer. They were into music before their marriage. My grand father Mr. K N Tiwari is a Dholak (Indian rhythm instrument) player and he used to go to the temples and play the instrument there. He used to take me along with him. So i know the feelings of a common man.

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