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We caught up with Italian filmmaker Lorenzo Guarnieri, whose film Sonia’s Story is collecting awards globally, in all the festivals. Lorenzo discusses the state of Italian cinema and how we would like to collaborate with the Indians:

Talk a little about Sonia’s Story?

Sonia’s Story is a true story about a woman who lived in 1970 in Florence, Italy, had a terrorist experience and spent considerable time in jail. The film was made in Florence. This period in history, is something the Italians don’t want to speak about and hence I took it on as a challenge to explore and talk about it. I self financed this film and it has won 13 awards and counting, in the global festivals. It is primarily due to these awards that the Italian Film Commission appears to have woken up and warmed up to me and hence in November, they are organizing a big party to thank me for this film. It appears bitter sweet because initially I had to go about it all on myself to get it made.

Your background and what got you into filmmaking?

I studied in Rome, with an Algerian filmmaker, Rachid. He taught me cinematography, directing and I ended up doing many shorts.

On the state of Italian cinema?

The glory days were the late 60’s and early 70’s the days of the Spaghetti Western and Sergio Leone. Now, about 18 features are made annually and there is a mad rush for Comedy, which has resulted in only Comedies and a fall in the quality, when compared to Comedy coming out of Spain and France.

Any interest in Indian cinema?

I was in Rajasthan last year, where in the Jaipur film festival my film won an award for the Sound. I think India is the future. I see many possibilities in that country. There is a lot of creativity for musicals.

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