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Her role in the recent film WARNING required her to be two opposite sides, a tough as nails exterior, which was masked behind an underplayed façade. Too often in Indian cinema, actors get this combination wrong, Madhurima  got it perfectly right, in WARNING. In the words of her co actors, she also had some of most challenging scenes and open water swims in the ferocious South Pacific, the climax of which resulted in her fainting. But when we get to talk to her, we realize that just as her character in the film, she can take challenges in life and laugh at them, an attitude that will go far:

On the challenges of WARNING?

Definitely the physical challenges, the fear of overcoming the sea and while doing all this still having to act and look good. It is one thing being in the Ocean and quite another to enact a whole movie in it. The fear was overcome on the first day when we were asked to jump into the open ocean at the count of three from 14 foot above a raft. I think, each one of us, probably fought exhaustion with the exhilaration of enacting something so different, from an Indian movie perspective.

On playing a strong woman in WARNING, yet not being in your face?

The credit has to go to the Director, who got that performance out of me. He also made some changes in my appearance, the most important being to ask me to cut my hair, which made me get into the character. I am glad that the audience was able to appreciate my performance, since it was an underplayed subtlety to a very strong character.

The journey into films?

My father used to work for Tata Steel, so we travelled all over India and ultimately landed home in Dehra Doon. Sushmita Sen was a role model, but when the selections for the Miss India did not quite go my way, I still got all the encouragement from my family and pursued modeling, which in turn led to television and now these two movies, WARNING and CIGARETTE KI TARAH.

Television or Films?

Both are very exciting and the reach from Television is so vast. It enters every household in India and also overseas and people relate to your character and in turn, you become a part of their lives. So Television is absolutely hard work, but very exciting too. Films of course are a large canvas.

Days of struggle?

They were hard and now looking back I can laugh about it, but there were times you were subsisting on bread and pickle, and also a couple of points in my struggle when I wanted to pack it all in and return home. But what kept me going was an unconditional support from my family and slowly and surely things fell in place. But no regrets, those days were fun in their own way.

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U r indeed a scintillating personality. A real Talent Unleashed. Am Proud to study ur growth and attitude towards laying n following d road to success. Ur key assets r ur Eyes, Beauty, Attitude and Talent. U been choosy abt ur work n am happy to learn dat u r choosing d right platforms to grow. U r a Talent, which is promising and will definitely rise n shine. Best Wishes.      vinith handa November 19, 2013 at 3:38 am
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