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A Naval Officers son who has travelled the length and breadth of India, very academically bright, is on the cusp one day, should he go for that student visa that will take him to the US, or should he stay back. Thankfully for the Television fans, he chooses the later path. Talking to Nakuul, is refreshing cause the conversation is easy and very non filmi, yet it alludes to his very filmic passion, that of telling stories. Here he tells his own, till date:

A bright academic career?

Yes I was very good academically. Had that US admission and was about to go for the visa and then did some self reflection, I had always wanted to be a part of stories and if I ended up going to the US, with some of my parent’s hard earned money, I would probably end up working there too in a management job, which would take me further from my dream of being involved in telling stories, so I decided to stay back and start with modeling and then stage. Am glad I made that decision.

 And from there?

The day I seriously took on Theater is when I felt  was there doing what I loved. Theater and Ad films co existed and even now, a film and television later, theater is my means to keep polishing my craft and keep me grounded.

So lets get to the Television part?

When I was doing Theater, it was not that I aspired to do Television, it just happened. Soon after one of my first Ad films, I was called into the office of the Rajshri’s, one of the most prestigious production houses in India and it was more of a casual talk on what I wanted to do. To me it was like they becoming my mentors. Hence when the call came from them that they wanted me to do a part in a serial, I just knew that it would be a substantial part in a very meaningful serial. We shot the pilot in 2010 and then in 2012 started the actual shooting and now  Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

has become one of the top performing shows in the biggest channel, Star TV.

Why has your character and the serial endeared?

It is a very contemporary and today’s story and character. I play a guy of today, right from his language to his relationship with the woman in his life, and ironically both the characters are pure opposites. I come from a broken family so am very practical and not much of a romantic. Let’s face it TV, is a woman’s medium, just as film is a male medium, not saying that is a good or bad thing, but that is the reality, so in that midst, to get the kind of role that I am getting to play in  Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

, is something that even the viewers are lapping up.

Perfect world – TV, Theater, Films?

I’d like to choose all three for different reasons. TV for the exposure, Films make you immortal and Theater for the live interaction with the audience.

Anytime the top academia might come back in your life?

I aspire to tell stories, right now I am doing it as an actor, but when I do show up on the sets it is not just to act and return, I immerse myself totally with my surroundings. Have long conversation with the writers, look and observe the fellow actors and yes, I do take my role home, so it not just acting, it is the whole experience. But in the future I might tell stories as a writer, or as a producer, in which case the academia will come into play J

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