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In traditional Bollywood terms, the length of Gaurav’s role in Blood Diamond was not too much and not too little, but in the time that he did appear on the screen and right till the end of the film, audiences recalled his character, for its realism and also for its impact on the screen. This, impact on audiences,  has continued till date. On talking with Gaurav, we can sense where that impact comes from, his combination of intelligence and enthusiasm, about whatever he takes on. As Bollywood changes and evolves, here is one actor, who I think is going to make some major impact, on both the larger and small screens, for many years ahead:

How did Blood Diamond come your way?

I was doing a musical play in Africa around that time and Blood Diamond was also being filmed in that continent, so one day I got a call and I was in. It was an incredible and humbling experience also since the role had considerable weight and I got to be a part of a major production.

With Indian cinema changing, did Blood Diamond, where you did an awesome job, happen ahead of its time?

See, you gotto remember that for me the most important part is the excitement I feel for a role. So while I did a real character in Blood Diamond, I was equally comfortable doing the song and dance routine of say, a Nach Baliye, shortly thereafter, which as much conviction. But yes, now times are changing in Indian cinema and the lines are getting blurred and I have been reading some interesting scripts and some very interesting roles.

Whether it was Blood Diamond, whether it is the long running and very popular, Uttaran, there is a certain freshness that you get, to the role, even on a daily basis, where does that come from?

Firstly from the conviction. What may seem as mundane to the outside world, if I approach it with full conviction, I guess, instinctively, it resonates with the audience. Then is the enthusiasm. When I take on any project I need to feel a sense of complete enthusiasm and I guess that too shows to the person viewing my performance. Finally it is this desire to constantly learn and improve your craft, as a professional, no different from a Doctor who goes to work daily or any other profession. I think, what you see as freshness, is a culmination of these three elements.

Doing a musical on stage, lead you to an international film and now you appear in our homes, Monday to Thursday with Uttaran, what is your favorite medium?

A role, more than a medium, is my favorite, then the medium is secondary. Like in Uttaran, yes it has been running for a while in Colors, but, my role has had so many shades and variations within that, that it keeps both me and the audience engaged. Also of late, in the scripts that are coming my way, especially for movies, due to my desire to really push my craft up, I am getting involved in more aspects than just reading for my part. The aim again is to be in synch with the surrounding, which hopefully will result in both a good film and a good performance.

On the popularity of television actors, even outside of India, by Indians?

We become a part of your lives. We are in your houses while you go about your lives, the influence is longer, we are more relatable and hence this translates to an immediate connection with the audience. Also I think as we get and grow into our characters, the arch is also visible to the audience and this again helps make a long term connection.

Other than the fact that you are obviously well read and spoken, I do get a complete film professional here, so do we have a director or a producer, in the making?

I have often thought about it, more because I consider myself a complete film professional. So, yes, I do see myself in those roles, but I don’t honestly know when. It is not going to be a rushed decision, but when it does happen, it will be something that I will naturally evolve into or the story that I want to communicate, will be so strong in my head, that I would want to influence its unfolding in more ways than one.

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