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His song from Aashiqui2, Sun Raha Hain Tu, is playing in every channel, on every station there is. But this is not the first time, Sandeep Nath, has had this impact through his lyrics. He wrote the lyrics for the National Award winning film, Fashion, with the same impact, as did he for Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. It can easily be said that in the current times, this lawyer turned lyricist, is the best we have in the Indian Film Industry. Here we catch up with this outstanding talent:

Aashiqui 2 songs are the single most popular set of songs in India today, how did that project come your way?

I had done a project, Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster, and each of the songs in that film, were composed by a different composer. One of them was, Ankit Tiwari.  I connected well with Ankit, who was the youngest amongst the composers, but who was also composing the most difficult song, in that film. Ankit has wanted to work with the Bhatt’s and he had the tune, to which I was putting lyrics. I wanted to avoid the common words like “Maula” or the common phrases like “Tu Meri Bahon Mein,” hence my start was like “Mujh Ko Irade De” and like this we ended up composing the whole song. He took a whole lot of songs to Mahesh Bhatt who asked him to connect with Mohit Suri, since he was making a film. The Song, SUN RA HAIN HAIN TU NA, was liked a lot by both Mohit and his writer, Shagufta. They presented the song to Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, and there I was standing in front of Mahesh Bhatt, who wanted to know where I had emerged from and whether I had been heartbroken myself, to have composed such amazing lyrics. He really liked the song. I told him that I had done numerous films, such as Bhoot, Sawariya, Corporate, Page 3, Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster (both parts), etc and he felt even better about meeting me and the song was incorporated in the film. Seeing its initial popularity, T – Series, decided to market it as the Love Anthem for the nation, and before we knew it, it had become the rage.

 So how did a practicing Lawyer become a lyricist?

I used to write from a very young age. I used to maintain a diary since the age of 12. My mother happened to see my diary and liked what she read, but suggested some changes to make it even better. This provided a lot of encouragement to me and I continued writing. Soon my writing was admired by friends and families and I started to receive gifts, which further encouraged me. However, all this while, my father did maintain that I should complete my regular education or profession. So Law it was, and I practiced for some time, then became a journalist in Delhi and eventually landed up in Mumbai, and in Mumbai if you have the talent, then you do get noticed, so here I am.

Like the late Anand Bakshi , your lyrics have a lot of realism in them. They may be song as love songs, but the lyrics per se, are not about fantasy, they are about real emotions in a real world?

It is because I am  in touch with real people and observe them. I grew up in a small town, then moved to Delhi, then Mumbai, working as a journalist, as a lawyer studying human behavior through the cases, all of this gave me an insight and a power of observation, about real humans. Even today, despite becoming a part of Bollywood, I often take Bus rides or sit unnoticed in small restaurants, with the intention to observe people and get my ideas from there.

Lyrics writing or story writing, in a perfect world?

I honestly don’t have the perfect answer to that one. The content drives the form. If the content, which is an original thought, that first comes to mind, is one which appears to be better told as lyrics, than that form gets precedence, if not then the other forms, be it a story, a piece, etc.

Your lyrics have a universal earthiness to them, in fact you have almost brought lyrics back into Fashion ( no pun intended – he wrote the lyrics of the movie, Fashion J)?

You are right. I think the ability of the listeners to experience has diminished and the ability of content providers to generate reaction, appears to have lessened, who is primarily responsible I don’t know.  I have noted that globally human emotions are not too different and if we are saying something with honesty, then people are ready and wanting to listen to that, then whether it is a song, a story, a jingle or anything else.

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