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Posted by Vivek on December 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

Sumit Suri, who made an impressive debut in WARNING, teams up once more with director Gurmmeet Singh, in What The Fish, a Delhi Centric comedy, set to release on Friday, Dec 13, 2013. The next few months will see this talented actor appear at least 3 more times in different roles. Here we talk to him on What The Fish and find out that this one will be a very different experience:

 What is your role in WHAT THE FISH?

My character’s name is also called Sumit. I play this South Delhi Dude, who is a regular guy, albeit a little irresponsible. He says yes to every thing, but does not always deliver on that, whether it is in his office or his personal life. The character works in an Advertising agency and one day his fiancé’s aunt asks Sumit, to be the caretaker of her house, while she is away. She is a very finicky woman and although she does not quite like Sumit, she is forced to leave the house in his charge, for the duration that she is out of town. The film then revolves on the characters who make their way to the house, in her absence, thanks in large part to Sumit, who initiates the process with his friend, again with all good intentions. This character is probably the closest to who I am in real life.

On working with seasoned actors in this film?

My day was made when Dimpleji, who herself has an awesome sense of humor, told the unit that she admires my sense of comic timing and being in the same frame as me, has even pushed her comic timing to the best ever and she really enjoyed doing the scenes with me. Coming from as seasoned as actor as her, was a super confidence booster for me. There is also Manu Rishi, who is someone I admire as an actor and as a person. In fact he, is somebody, who has been kind of a role model for me. It was a super learning experience watching Manu perform. Of course, when we are all enacting scenes we are all characters so then you don’t think about the persons background.

On being directed by Gurmmeet?

This is the second film with Gurmmeet after WARNING, although the first one to get wrapped up. It was a lot of fun. Gurmmeet gives you a lot of space to improvise and I love that about all the directors I have worked with. He was very clear that he wanted a Delhi film, but not an over the top character of say a Pritampura, but more a GK 11 character who is not in your face funny, but how he comes across makes the audience crack up. We wrapped up the filming on a tight budget and over 22 days and that is thanks to the clarity that Gurmmeet brings to the set.

What are the upcoming projects?

There is Babloo Happy by Nila Madhab Panda, where I play this over the top Pritampura type from Delhi, again a lot of fun and there is Surkhaab, where my character is intense, but with a streak of fun.

You have this ability to bring humor to even grey?

I think it is the Punjabi in me and also the conviction with which I approach the character. In the mind of the character he is not doing anything wrong, so what is wrong with mixing it with humor. Also basically the characters portrayed are your every day person, perhaps trying to get ahead, so having shades, but not an out and out bad guy. In all of my past and upcoming films, the characters are different, even if appearing from North India, and also in all, I have gotten a lot of opportunity to improvise.

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Looking forward  to see ur films....!!! warning3d was gr888 movie.... ur acting in warning was superb.....  Dr.Rishi Joshi December 10, 2013 at 10:19 am
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