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Writer Rajesh Chawla was in the news recently for picking up a writing award for writing the very witty and the very popular TV show, Lapataganj. Rajesh, who has written dialogues and stories for many Indian films, turns lyricist for WHAT THE FISH, releasing this Friday. Here we catch up with the multi talented Delhiite:

What made you turn lyricist?

Actually I was probably a lyricist first. I remember many years ago during a family wedding, at the time of the Sehera (a Punjabi tradition where a couplet is recited) the person designated for it, was nowhere to be found and there was confusion all around. As a young boy, not even in his teens, I came up with a poem, on the spur of the moment and that was appreciated by all.

What is the song in WHAT THE FISH All About?

Samjhe Na Koi, is a song that is a very integral part of the film and via the song, the story moves forward. It has a base in Thumri and the music is composed by Indraneel Hariharan. The reaction to the song, when played in the Radio in India, has been overwhelming.

Debut as a lyricist?

Actually the debut was in a film called SURKHAAB, but the first released film as a lyricist, was in WHAT THE FISH. There too the music was rendered by Indraneel.

On combining with Indraneel?

We know each other so well and are so comfortable with each other that he can instinctively tell what is going on in my mind, when we are putting together a song. I think we team up very well.

On working with the team of WHAT THE FISH?

It was great fun and Guru (director Gurmmeet Singh) is not only a good friend but also someone whom I respect for his general demeanor. He is also very clear in this mind, when directing, so that makes it a double pleasure to be a part of this project.

Lyrics as a concept seem to be disappearing from the Hindi movie scene?

True and sad, but luckily for us, the folks who we have worked with are very appreciative of good poetry and composition, so that is a great motivating factor.

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