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He entry to Indian Television was by chance, but her performances were due to her talent and the resulting award was an indication of the audience validating what many already know, that Nia Sharma is one of the most talented professionals on Indian TV today. Life may have made this aspiring journalist into an actor, but by sheer dint of her work ethic and determination she had taken the opportunity presented and made the most of it. Here we talk to this wonderful actress and realize that she is not afraid to articulate her views and does so, with the same level of confidence and conviction, as her role:

When you were doing your Mass Communications study in Delhi, did you even think that you would be in television?

As a newsreader probably, as an actor never. Journalism is what I was aspiring to get into. Then a Star Plus audition happened and I showed up in Mumbai, for the serial KALI.

Congrats on winning the Best Actress Award – Desh Ki Dhadkan (Audience Choice), how did that feel?

Like any professional, I want to excel and do well in my chosen career, so the award felt great as it was a validation of my work and I have worked very hard, so yes, it felt great. I called Siddharth of Cinevista on stage, since he is not only my Producer, but really welcomed me as part of his extended family and supported and guided me, as I developed myself in the Television industry. What is ironical is that growing up watching TV, I used to watch a lot of award functions and would see and hear the acceptance speech, so I guess I had my time too.

You came with no baggage and now you are well and truly in the TV industry, how does it feel?

It feels great. Have not had even a moment to think too much about it, as my work has kept me busy and focused. As soon as Kali finished, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behena, got started. On my part I have been diligent and observant and kept working on making myself better in my craft.

Why this divide between Television and Films?

Losers are disdainful of TV. Whoever I am today has been because of the opportunity given to me by TV. The reach has been tremendous and I have got so much love and respect from it. What the future holds as far as films are concerned, I don’t know, but I will always continue to have this respect for TV.

What’s next on the horizon?

I am taking it slow now. Having gotten to a great start with such wonderful shows, I would like to be selective on the future projects too. I guess my standards have been set very high and hence have turned down a couple of projects cause it did not appear to match up.

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