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Chris Salvaterra – A Good Story Is What I Look For

Posted by Vivek on April 10, 2014 | No Comments

Chris has been synonymous, with some of the most intelligent films, coming out of Hollywood, in recent time. Films such as Hidalgo, Good Night, and Good Luck, Ladder 49, Fast Food Nation, American Gun, etc. Chris was one of the Jury for the Short Film competition, during IFFLA – 2014. We caught up with him, during IFFLA:

On being invited to be a Jury in IFFLA?

I feel honored and it is great being here. India has a rich tradition of making movies and also a very productive industry.

What are you looking for, as Jury?

The same thing that draws me to films, be it feature, documentary, short…good story telling. I love telling stories myself and also watching stories unfold on the screen. Looking for different and distinct voices, and the unfolding of cinematic scripts.

Would you ever venture to tell a story involving the Sub Continent?

Without saying that it is an aim, I am always fascinated with good stories and as good stories unfold , I follow them and you never know where that journey could take me

What else are you working on?

I am freelancing now, so working on some television stuff, developing some stories, both for the features and documentaries.

On globalization in the film industry?

It is already upon us. I was attending a recent conference in Las Vegas and there amidst, theater owners, was informed that worldwide box office numbers are increasing. The MPAA said the biggest rise in box office numbers came from China, so already the whole making and exhibiting mechanism, is global and we feel that even being based here in LA.


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