Announcements | Amberdeep Singh: The man who writes to make you laugh

Amberdeep Singh: The man who writes to make you laugh

Posted by Navleen on September 3, 2014 | No Comments

Story, screenplay and dialogue writer Amberdeep Singh has dabbled in various fields of entertainment industry——TV serials, comedy shows and Punjabi films that have helped him make a name of himself not only in Punjab but also in Mumbai. For many his list of projects that include TV serials like Zee TV’s Chal Di Da Naam Gaddi, Star Plus’s Baa, Bahoo Aur Baby, SAB TV’s Gunwale Dulhania Le Jayenge; comedy shows such as Sony’s Comedy Circus, Color’s Comedy Nights with Kapil and Punjabi films like Singh Vs Kaur, Jatt & Juliet 2, Daddy Cool Munde Fool and Dil Vil Pyar Vyar might appear as something that has added gravitas to his profile. Who knew that the work that Amberdeep, 34, has done so far wasn’t something that he chose himself. Earlier in the day he chose his projects to earn money, avoid writer’s block and constant appreciation.

His upcoming movie, Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhillon, Yograj Singh, Aman Khatkar, Rana Ranbir, Sardar Sohi, Amrit Maghera starrer Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo’s trailer which has already created a flurry have made the viewers witness a whiff of fresh air along with setting Amber’s vision clear and more focused. When you chat with him exactly after a year, undeniably you observe a visible change. Unlike earlier days he isn’t jam packed with work for now he simply writes things that he wishes and wants to. “It’s those previous years of work that have finally given me the chance to choose my priorities. Today is the time when I’m concentrating on myself and the kind of projects I want to do. There is so much more clarity now.” shares Amber beaming with confidence.

Knowing the art of tickling everyone’s funny bone is his trump card. This makes quirky sense of humor, harmless wit and gags his domain. And it seems that he has only upped the ante much higher this time around. Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo is the project that Amber had written over the period of past two and half years. He tells, “When I was working on other projects, this movie was happening simultaneously. This isn’t really a comedy film. The other day I was thinking that it’s more of an entertainer as it has comedy, romance, drama etc in it. I had been thinking to write a script which was different from films that were written so far.”

With a desire to come up with a different script, telling about the things that entered his mind, he says, “Bhatinda was an unexplored area and that’s want I wanted to include in it. Secondly the look of the movie I imagined was something which I thought should resemble with Rajasthan. Since I hail from Abohar, which is an area different in many ways and for many reasons, I wanted the storyline and characters similar to it. It has barren land and unlike Punjab it doesn’t really have ‘sarso de khet’. The area isn’t developed and it was pretty intentional to keep the look as rustic as possible.”

The flick also seems to be quite close to his heart as he has devoted maximum time to this film. “My work didn’t end after writing the film. I used to be part of every shoot and made sure that I keep giving my views. In various situations, the team was on the verge of pulling my hair as my inputs were endless.” laughs he.

Coming to penning his characters, Amber tells how fictional characters that have been part of his writing so far are easy to write. He shares, “As compared to a character based on a real life, it’s easy to create imaginative characters as they are product of your thoughts. For a real life character, lot of effort is involved to keep it as real as possible. Else if it doesn’t appear to be real, who would like to watch it?”

Besides writing scripts, screenplay and dialogues of many Punjabi films Amber has also penned imaginative characters for the comedy shows. But he has off lately taken a sabbatical from TV because that requires lot of his time. “You can’t enjoy your life while writing for TV. It’s a tough medium. At the same time there is no doubt about the fact that it’s a medium of writers. I don’t think it’s dependent on directors or anything else. Writing has the major role to play. It even pays good amount for the work one does.”

Though Amber believes that writers have bright future in TV, he in a bewildered tone says that he doesn’t see any scope in Punjab. “There is hardly any work in Punjab. Even Punjabi films are only shot in Punjab but the entire planning takes place in Mumbai. Leave aside Bollywood, for Punjabi films also one has to come to Mumbai. One doesn’t get much work over there. In fact staying there will give rise to frustration. Because when you come here there is so much one can do that doesn’t happen in Punjab.” reveals the writer.

Currently Amber is in talking terms with huge production house for writing dialogues of a high budget Bollywood movie. In future Amber plans to direct a Hindi movie.

Navleen Kaur Lakhi

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