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Arjun Mathur for Coffee Bloom

Posted by Vivek on February 24, 2015 | No Comments

What is it that you liked about Coffee Bloom that you said yes to it?

As an actor, I have always believed in experimenting with my roles. And when I heard the script, I instantly fell in love with the concept of the film. A film revolving around coffee plantation is not something that the audience has seen before and for me also it was quite a novel concept. Hence, I agreed to do the film. I am sure the audience will enjoy watching the film as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Can you tell us a little about the concept of the film?

Coffee Bloom is a story of Dev, a self proclaimed wise man who has given up on life as a result of a love gone wrong and what happens with him when he meets his long lost love, currently his boss. All I can say is that it’s quite an unexplored concept and a refreshing story.

Do you relate to your character Dev in any way?

I have gone through some experiences in my life which my character goes also goes through in the film. During the narration itself, I could completely understand the character so getting into the skin of this character was not really difficult for me.

Considering the fact that you have already shared screen space with Sugandha Garg in My Name Is Khan, you both must have had a great rapport while working on this film?

Sugandha and I became very good friends during the shooting of My Name Is Khan and since then we have extremely close to each other. Working with Sugandha is always fun. She is a bundle of energy and a very helping co-actor as well. Frankly speaking, we had a ball working on this film. In the future too, I would love to work with her.

How was the experience of shooting in a beautiful place like Coorg?

Oh, it was lovely. It is such a beautiful and serene place. I absolutely loved shooting over there. Coorg is one of the top hill stations in India and it has a lot of places which are worth visiting. I think everyone should visit the place at least once.

Can you share any particular incident that happened while the shooting of the film?

As I said earlier, that we had a great time working on this film, each and every  we would have ffun on the sets.There isn’t a particular incident but many a time, Sugandha and I would start laughing before Manu (Warrier, the director) would say action and that too for no reason. So yes, we have had many such fun moments during the filming of this movie.

Mohan Kapoor is also a part of the film. How was it working with a senior actor like him?

Fantastic! He has acted in numerous plays and films and it is always a pleasure to work with such seasoned actors. The way he performs in front of the camera is amazing. I had a great time working with him on this film and also learnt a lot from him during the course of this film.

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