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Interview of Sugandha Garg

Posted by Vivek on March 4, 2015 | No Comments

How did Coffee Bloom come your way?

Arjun Mathur, who I had worked with earlier in My Name Is Khan, suggested my name. I went and met Manu (director),read for him and pretty much got cast there and then itself.

Manu Warrier is a first time director. So didn’t you have any kind of inhibitions about working with a first time filmmaker?


I consider myself a first time director favorite :-) …from Abbas Tyrewala, Abhishekh Sharma, Prashant Bhargava, ShefaliBhishan to Manu Warrier… I have been in all of these directorial debuts and rather than being apprehensive, I in fact look forward to collaborating and developing the character with first time directors because they are so open and passionate and generally excited to be making their first film. It’s fantastic to be around that kind of energy.


What is your character in the film like?

I play this girl called Anika. Anika is beautifully complex and fascinatingly flawed. Manu and Sharath (co-writers) being men have still managed to write a very intricate female protagonist… they have not made her simplistic and neither have they put her on some mantle, where she needs to be perfect… Anika has a very long journey of coming of age in the film and I’m glad I got to play her.


How was it working with Arjun Mathur?

Arjun and I have a similar work ethic… always on time, fully committed to the moment and just the idea of a few people making something together, keeping egos and self indulgence at bay. Besides, he is a very intuitive actor and that is like being in a magic store… you never know what will happen next!


Working with a senior actor like Mohan Kapoor must have an enriching experience?

I can’t relate to Mohan as a ‘SENIOR ACTOR’ because he is just so much fun! Mohan can make the most boring random thing into the most exciting and dramatic thing you have ever heard… he is just so engaged with life… always curious and an absolutely fantastic temperament to have on set.


Which is that one memory that you took back after the shooting of Coffee Bloom?

We shot besides a really beautiful lake for one of the key scenes in the film… this particular scene was very challenging because it was beautifully layered between these two ex-lovers who were meeting after a very long time. It was subtle, terribly romantic and inherently laden with sadness… all this next to an absolutely gorgeous location was very memorable… we finished shooting and hung out there as a unit for quite sometime… in moments like these you truly get a sense of making something that was dear to you and not sitting in an office pushing files.


Finally, how confident are you about the box-office fate of this film?

The fate of any film lies in the honesty with which it was made, whichever genre it might be. Coffee Bloom has been made principally because our producer Harish Amin had faith in the script that Manu and Sharath had written and from thereon it set into motion the making of a film which was made by artists who wanted to tell this story… I’m pretty confident people will identify with these characters and think of all those partners who got away :-)

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