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We caught up with power programming team of IFFLA 2015. Jasmine Jaisinghani, Mike Dougherty, Thouly Dosios and Sudeep Sharma talk about the thought that goes into creating a world class festival.

What goes into the selection criteria?

It’s a combination of things. We spend the entire year looking for Indian films, as we traverse the world, we also have our submissions process and what we are looking for is technique or voices that we have not heard before, by filmmakers. Also over and above being programmers at IFFLA, we are also involved in other aspects of film, during our regular jobs, so that further increases our research on the Indian films available. We are looking for new voices, new films, new artists and what else. It is all our aim to find diversity, uniqueness films . We are also very proud of our Short Film program, especially since a lot of these directors will come back as Feature film makers.

Explain this phenomenal paradox- You are in the heart of Hollywood, commercial Hollywood, yet have maintained a selection that is both Artistic and Distinct?

And to add to that LA does not even have as big an Indian community as say, the Bay area. But the audience is also not just Indians. Also this city has film lovers. So whether Commercial or Artistic, the city loves films of all kinds and that really helps the festival. They want to see movies that touch them and move them, and that kind of culture does not matter what background you have.

Is it too “festival” or are the films, also populist?

We program the cinema that is good, hasn’t played in theaters and online. Also the thing with Indian cinema is, it has changed. Films are getting released now and getting distributed, which earlier nobody touched.


IFFLA can take pride in this, filmmakers who were on the outside a few years ago in India, are now mainstream, largely because of IFFLA?

It is interesting how things change. They are now the major voices. Yes we feel proud but it is also a reminder how quickly film culture is changing right now. Audiences are changing their definition of what is acceptable and good and we are a reflection of that. It could happen anytime now, it could happen to a film like Elizabeth Ekardarshi, which is playing now in IFFLA 2015.

I believe there is a surprise for the audience this year ?

Yes there is a secret screening included for the Pass holders. It is of a top notch film. More details can be obtained from: Secret Screening
A special inclusion for IFFLA 2015 is a Secret Screening for passholders only, offering a first look at a film that has become a sensation in festivals around the world winning numerous awards. The film is slated to release later this year. Directed by one of the most exciting auteurs in contemporary Indian cinema, and featuring a powerhouse performance by one of India’s brightest young stars, this is a film IFFLA passholders won’t want to miss!


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