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The movie JAZBAA had one thing in common, for two Singers VipinAneja and NiluferWani, were both making their debut. And what a fine debut it was. Here we catch up with both:

How did Jazbaa come your way?

Nilufer - I was fortunate enough to meet Aarko at an event. We started exchanging musical notes n the series of jam sessions began n rest is history as they say!

Vipin- I had met ArkoPravoMukharjee a year back and we often jammed at various occasions at common friends. He called me back then and said he has a song in mind for my kinda voice. I went to sing that demo which I fell in love with in the first hear for the lyrical value and the genre which comes naturally to me. It was extremely divine as a process. Arko asked me to wait for the right project and it was Jazbaa after one year of patience! I believe it cud not have gotten a better couple onscreen to portray such intense feel to the song. It was like a perfect match


 What has been the Public Reaction to your songs?

Nilufer – By the grace of God public has been kind to the song n I am grateful to them

Vipin – It has been so overwhelming to receive love for JaaneTereSheharka like never before. It started with Irrfan Khan tweeting about my voice, calling it magical! Since then,it has been a roller coaster ride. All age groups have identified with the song and they all say that it has touched their heart n soul. I am so humbled that I could bring about that emotion in people and have won them as fans for life.

On your respective journey to Bollywood?

Nilufer - My journey has started from the humble town of Doda,J&k and music is very close to us the natives as Sufism flourished in our region. Music is my soul n stirs my emotions to an extent whichis almost unreal!  I guess the journey was bound to happen… It was destined!

Vipin – I started in Delhi singing jingles and corporate ads for Shantanu Moitra and alongside recorded a demo for an album. I made several visits to Mumbai and met many music companies to sign me on as an artist. Magnasound chose to sign me on for a solo album and we recorded Teri Payal, my first solo project which was an amalgamation of pop, ghazal, fusion n fast paced tracks. It was backed by a video directed by RekhaChinni Prakash and I was launched as a Hindi pop singer. I started doing many corporate shows with National and International Brands pan India. After which I was approached by a producer to record an album of retro, Bollywood songs packed with a new,flavor and we called it Salute to Bollywood. It was a dedication to all the stalwarts of yester years. We shot Gulabiaankhen as a title video and soon enough from just Vipin, I became VipinAnneja, the Indi pop star.I was on all the music channels, radio stations.I became one of the busiest performing artists in Delhi. I kept travelling to Mumbai for my next album and that was the finest project of mine but as destiny would have it, it did not see the light of the day as by that time non film music was dying and music companies were shutting left right and center…

That is when I decided to move to Mumbai and try my luck in Bollywood. I met an old friend Rahul Mittra from Delhi who was producing a film and asked me to meet the Director, Tigmanshu Dhulia for the filmSahebBiwiAur Gangster.I was working closely with Ankit Tiwari back then and we both presented a scratch, whichwasselected as the title song of the film called SahebBadaHatila. Last year I met ArkoPravo Mukherjee, the music director and he loved my voice and asked me to record a song with him. I loved the melody and fell in love with the song because of the lyrical value…Just a month back I received a call that our song has been chosen for Jazbaa. I have received immense love and support from the industry for Jaaneteresheharka. It happens to be Irrfan khan’s and Aishwarya Rai’s favorite track.

Q) Upcoming projects?

Nilufer - I am working on a Kashmiri folk song and I am planning to shoot its video in the picturesque valley

Vipin - I am sure being for Arko for some films and I sang a romantic song for a film Desi Magic starring Ameesha Patel

Q) Idols and inspiration?

Nilufer – Of course musical legends all across the wide musical spectrum like Lataji, Madonna, NusratFateh Ali, are a phenomena n inspire us all and I am no exception

Vipin – Jagjit Singh Ji, SonuNigam, Arijit, Richa Sharma and all the legends of the yesteryears

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