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 The mark of a class actor is to stand out amongst classical actors. To be not the lead of the script, but actually lead the audience. That is Manav Kaul. He did that in Kai Po Che, why he even did that in 1971 and finally he definitely did that in Wazir. The man from stage is setting the celluloid on fire and how. Along the way he continues to cherish and follow his dreams of making small meaningful films:

The realism of a Kashmiri in Wazir?

I am a Kashmiri. I know that region very well. When I met Vidhu , I told him how I would play the character. Also when my character is giving  a speech in Kashmir and urging “Kashmiris to be even better people,” during break somebody tapped my shoulder and said, “but we are good people.” They actually took my enacted speech to be a real speech and me to be a real Kashmiri politician, what more complement can an actor get.

From playing a Hindu radicle and Kai Po Che to a Kashmiri terrorist in Wazir, both with such conviction?

I take a lot of pride in that. I get into the character ask a lot of questions of my director, of course all this during prep, never to hold up the set. I have also imbibed a lot as a writer and director, so bring that to the table as an actor, all of which helps in a convincing performance. Finally I well and truly enjoy the craft of acting and take it very seriously.

On being seen a lot more on the big screen nowadays?

I am not abandoning the world of plays J just that having done it for 15 years needed to take a break. Rather than force creativity it is best to take some time off, re charge the batteries. Hence with Kai Po Che, my acting for the large screen is taking a new beginning

Any more directorial ventures like Hansa?

I will always like to burn my hard earned money, in my small ventures J so that will continue. The next one is planned for 2017, since to edit it, I will have to take time off. But my small films will continue at all times.

Where does the confidence come from to hold you own in the company of such established actors?

It is because I just love the craft, love taking time off to study the character I am enacting, and bring the trained and experienced writer and director, to complement me as an actor.

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