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Saala Khadoos – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on January 29, 2016 | No Comments

Cast- Madhavan, Ritika Singh  
– SudhaKongara

Another sports film makes it way this weekend for the audience. Unfortunately it has the look of similar films in the past, such as Chak De, Mary Kom, etc. SaalaKhadoos has the potential to go where few films have in the recent past, but it not able to rise above its predictability.


What is not predictable is the fine performance by the main cast, primarily Madhavan and Ritika. However, their characterization suffers from serious flaws and they appear to be indulging more in acts of randomness, than a flow of true human character.

The underlying premise of succeeding against odds in sports in India, makes it a well intentioned film. The camera work and music also supports the purpose of making the film entertaining, however, absence of layers in the characters makes the film very flat and as audience we can see things happening way before they actually do.

Both Ritika Singh and MumtazSorcar, who play boxers in the film, showcase good action sequences of raw fights, which enhances the credibility of the film.

Locations add to the feel and story of the film and this is something the filmmakers, use very well. The locations also appear to be well researched.

By the same token the love interest between the pair appears forced and showcasing it more as a father daughter love, would have been appropriate, as opposed to making it that of cinematic lovers.

Overall a moderate entertainer, which could have been much better.

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