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NEERJA – Movie Review

Posted by Atika Ahmad Farooqui on February 21, 2016 | No Comments

Written by Atika Ahmed Farooki

Director: Ram Madhvani
Producer: Fox Star Studios
Screenplay: SaiwynQuodras
Music: Vishal Khurana
D o P :MiteshMirchandani
Editor: MonishaBaldawa

Bitter experiences in the past make us a stronger person and in Neerja’s case a broken marriage coupled with her family’s support carved a hero out of her.

Its very challenging for a director to base a whole film on a plane and multiple award winning director Ram Madhvani does a fabulous job. His team that is DoPMiteshMirchandani captures remarkable depths in small places too and editorMonishaBaldawa gives the film its break neck pace. Clearly its Sonam Kapoor’s best film till date as it gives her a huge stage to perform on her own terms. An arranged marriage that had changed a bright girl into a cocooned housewife gives her a streak that prompts her to rise to the challenges in future, knowing very well that she failed to do the same earlier. Like I said, failures often bring out the hero in us.

Sonam in the role of NeerjaBhanot who got commendations from 3 countries and was youngest woman go get the highest bravery award Ashok Chakra stands out in full measure. She was smart enough to prompt the word ‘Hijack’ to the pilots who in no time fled the cockpit and saved a worse catastrophe.

Sonam’s relationship with her mother ShabanaAzmi, who loves her more than her two older sons and her father played by brilliant actor YogendraTiko gives a new meaning to father daughter relationship.; something that the film mounts on and gives immense pleasure to the viewer.

I bet you would not have seen such exceptional performances in the roles of hijackers in a long time. Both the hijackers in the film especially Jim Sarbh in the role of hot headed Khalil are unforgettable. Casting director Kanika Berry has got people with the right face and the right accent. Airlift had terrible faux paux in this context.

Production design by Aparna Sood is phenomenal. From recreating the PAN AM flight in Mumbai, the interiors, Hindustan Times’ office where Neerja’s father worked, everything is authentic and well researched. ShabanaAzmi’s performance in the end was equal to Sonam’s performance in the entire film, definitely Shabana has the experience but if Sonam could work upon her acting skills a bit more, she would have marvelled in the film, not stating that has done less.

It’s a must watch!


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