Films | Impactful Performances By The Female Actors In 2015 In Bollywood

Impactful Performances By The Female Actors In 2015 In Bollywood

Posted by Vivek on March 7, 2016 | No Comments

Today is the International Woman’s day and in 2015 Bollywood returned to the Women. These four performances defined the concept of “Carrying the film.” Not in any particular order:

A-     Kangana in Tanu weds Manu 2:

The pressure to repeat a solid performance in a sequel is that much more. But KanganaRanautwas fortunate in that there was one more Kangana to support her, and the latter is the one who stole the honors, although lost the Hero in the film. The attention to details of chaste Haryanvi and getting into the character like never before, proved to be the reason this performance and this film, won over audiences. Although very well supported by Jimmy and Deepak, this is one of those films where if we remove the second Kangana from the equation, there is not much else happening.

B-      Priyanka in Mary Kom:

When Priyanka Chopra started her Bollywood journey she was not considered much of an actor. A looker yes, an actor, not so much. But from Aitraaz onwards the acting chops began to show and it reached a fine culmination in Mary Kom. To play a person, who is still a current figure as opposed to being a historical one, is no mean task, and to do it with the level of aplomb to get praise from the person who is being potrayed, is an even more enviable achievement. Again, while the performances of the entire team were commendable, am trying to visualize who else in current day Bollywood would fit the bill as well as Priyanka did and cannot seem to do so.

C-      Anushka in NH10:

Just prior to appearing in NH10, Anushka Sharma had done a typical heroine role in PK. Then in NH 10, amidst a stellar actor cast which included Deepti Naval, Anushka showed how much she had grown as an actor. She was literally the hero of the film as she take on the battle of the dead hero and takes it right into enemy territory. The angst and the anguish of the character did not let up even for a second as she stayed right in character and the film stayed true to itself and found a mark with the audience.

D-     Barkha in Surkhaab:

The “other film” which released alongside Tanu weds Manu 2, also carried an actor on her  last, but perhaps the most significant role, as an actor. Barkha Madan carried Surkhaab on her able shoulders and was very well supported by Sumit Suri, VineetaMalick, Kanza and the rest of the team. But the journey was that of her’s and she proved that when it came to pure acting chops the surprise packet was her performance. The film and her performance continue to get rave reviews on YouTube, Television and the Airlines, almost a year post its release.

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