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Jai Gangajal – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on March 8, 2016 | No Comments

Jai Gangajal – Much Potential But Badly Scripted

Director and Writer: Prakash Jha,
Music: Salim and Suleiman, Cinematography: SachinKrishn
Cast: Prakash Jha, Priyanka Chopra and ManavKaul

Recently a lot of Prakash Jha films suffer from the “I know exactly what is going to happen next,” syndrome. Jai Gangajal is no different. It’s timing was also off. The film presents a leading character to the audience who is now more well known for her being American, than Bihari. Yet it uses Bihar as a backdrop. Strange as it may sound, this plays on the audience’s mind when they come to watch a film.

Having said all of the above, the film actually opens with a lot of potential. In the grey world that we live in today, it sets up a classic case of development vs green revolution, with both having its detractors and it supporters. However, the potential of an exciting gradual battle is lost in the fistfights that follow as the grey characters turn black and white.

From an acting perspective, the performances of Priyanka, Prakash and Manav, are solid. In fact both Manav and Prakash have a tremendous screen presence and their joint presence sparks fireworks. Priyanka gives a controlled performance. The other actors like Murali Sharma, Vega and NinadKamat, shine admirable.

Visually the film is about the politics of small city India, hence the setting of Bhopal works ideally.

Background music supports the action and dramatic scenes very well and thankfully there is only a semblance of an item number.

However, the biggest problem with the film  in relation to this film, is the predictable and long script.



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