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Posted by Atika Ahmad Farooqui on March 27, 2016 | No Comments

Director – NishikantKamat,
Cast – John Abraham
Screenplay – Ritesh Shah, Cinematography – Shankar Raman

Are you the famous movie – Kill Bill’s fan, well I am, This one which is an official remake of the Korean film – A man from Nowhere, bears resemblance to the former in its style, action scenes and pace. The only difference, Kill Bill had a powerful underlying emotion and subtle performances and this one plays to the gallery of hard core mindless action lovers. Korean films are unabashedly brutal and this one mixes knee jerking violent action with some stereotypical over the top performances to suit the taste of an average Indian viewer. The film is set in Goa, where John Abraham is living a life in oblivion and shares neighborhood with a drug addict , club dancer played by Nathalia Kaur and her 8 year old daughter Naomi. While the mother is dancing in the club and indulging in serious drug addiction, the daughter spends time with her neighbor and her constant innocent talks makes the two lost souls bond over innocence. The little girl gets abducted by the drug mafia run by two brothers – Kevin and Pereira who also deal in child prostitution and organ harvesting and here begins the story of a one man army taking over Goa’s biggest and the most brutal gang in his own inimitable way.

Screenplay adapted by Ritesh Shah takes a non linear approach and the entire first half is used to establish the past of Rocky who was a trained assassin by the government. The curiosity definitely keeps the viewer on the edge. John Abraham does in the film what he does best, speaking minimum dialogues, keeping his facial emotions to the bare minimum too and just flaunting his chiseled body, muscles to die for and a 6 foot tall persona to bring alive the big screen. His brooding masculine presence is the main highlight of the film and it’s impressive. He performs some really good action scenes directed by KechaKhamphakdee from Thailand. His thai counterpart Kazu Tang, who fights him out also leaves a mark on us. Director NishikantKamat having made some good films like Mumbai Meri Jaan and Drishyam is the lead villain in the film, he carries out his role of Kevin Ferrera quite well barring the end where he becomes extremely stereotypical. He needed to be more composed to not lose his screen impact. His brother is just a funny caricature. The talkative girl child Naomi (Diya Chalwad ) who loves nail art seems artificial in many a scenes and hence the innocent emotion binding the two craving characters could not become gripping to us. It’s strange that John’s nail that she had painted in the beginning of the film had not grown while her broken front tooth comes out to the full.

Shanker Raman’s breathtaking cinematography is a highlight of the film and as usual police is a mute spectator while the killing machine John takes away all the fun. Shruti Hassan and SuhasiniMulay are there in very small roles. Aye Khuda sung by RahetFateh Ali Khan and Rehnuma by Shreya Ghoshal add appeal to the film. It’s a good thriller, low on emotional connectivity but half a point especially for the climax where the fight was so gripping that you would almost felt the bite.

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