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Posted by Vivek on March 27, 2016 | No Comments

Shiv’s film LOEV made its US debut at the recently concluded South By SouthWest Film Festival, in beautiful Austin. We caught up with the actor.


Shiv congratulations on the selection in the South By SouthWest and also the amazing response in Europe. You were probably the most commercially well known of actors, in this cast. How does it feel to take that risk and now getting this recognition, on what does not appear to be a typically Bollywood film?

Actually never considered this a risk, but more an opportunity. One of the issues I faced within, was that I felt in the past I was looking too much to other people for advice and hence wanted to be my own man, with a responsibility for my own decisions, and this decision was definitely one I was proud of back then and more so now. Also Sudhanshu appeared to have all the technical skills and the script in place, to execute on his vision.

 So now from decision to recognition in the global festivals, does it appear, that this was something you got absolutely right?

To be honest I am very new in this whole festival circuit thing and the appreciation the film is getting in Europe, Mexico and now here in the US. I have not yet let the festival appreciation impact me, in a good way, since it keeps me grounded, but yes the sheer reaction has been quite amazing.The main thing that I take away from this is the audience reaction, which has been overwhelming. So yes, that part tells us we are on the right track

More fulfilled as an actor?

Yes, although it still hasn’t sunken yet. During filming too I had blocked off any thoughts that I was part of a Gay love story or a film that could be potentially controversial from an Indian perspective, I was just taking each day as it came and putting myself through the drills as an actor of a project.

Challenges ahead?

Honestly, this film continues to surprise us. It is such a small film, yet it continues to travel the world with such limited resources, limited production spend which in turn impacted the look, shot over a record 16 days (most Indian films take 2-3 months), yet that has not stopped audiences liking it world over. Now the next challenge we are up against is how do we not get this film out in India. In my opinion most films that have been made on this subject in India have been more sensational, as opposed to a matter of fact process of story telling which is what Love is. Just a fine piece of content, not to be judged by the subject, but purely as a typical narrative. We are looking at a global theatrical release and have sold the film in 7 countries. We are also playing in BFI in England, another important festival for our global release In fact in BFI out of the 3 shows we have allocated 2 are already sold out and the third one is filling up fast




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