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KI & KA – Movie Review

Posted by Atika Ahmad Farooqui on April 4, 2016 | No Comments

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor

Written and Directed by: R. Balki

Edited by: Chandan Arora

A liberating concept, inconsistency in script. The film flies high in the very beginning and takes you into the world which as per the Bollywood of 70s was blasphemous and preposterous. Can a woman address her husband as ‘tu’? Can a woman on a daily basis eat food and drink tea prepared by the husband? Can the mother of the wife live in the same house as the son in law? Can a boy after marriage move into his wife’s house? Can a man not take some time off his house chores to be on Tv and not be apologetic for being absent when mother in law fainted at home? Can the boy be more close to his mother in law than his own father? Can the husband have No problem sweeping the floor in front of his wife’s guests? Can the man top an MBA course at IIM Bangalore and be okay to not use the experience in a multinational company?

Well the opposite is exactly what majority of Indian women are leading their lives doing. The film breaks ground on all levels. The first scene with the father played by Rajitkapur sets a brilliant tone where he tells his son to check inside his pants before even thinking to feed off his wife. It’s a brilliant performance; in fact our favourite character Byomkesh Bakshi that is Kapur, is one of the best things about the film indeed. Balki has a penchant for theatre actors and seasoned performers, he ropes in SwaroopSampat ( Paresh Rawal’s wife and Yeh jo haizindagi’s star ) as a cool Mom in law who feels great to be served by her ‘Daamad’ and never says – ‘Nahinahidamadji’. What a relief. She is cool to ask, ‘sex ho gaya ?’ which sounds like a lofty line only from the ad world but it’s okay. Like a perfect adman, Balki adds trains as a unique selling point and a visual to be attached to the film’s memories, it helps him to add layers into the story and use the train as a third character in the film. The film though has a wonderful idea and motive, becomes patchy and inconsistent.

They fight and make up and fight and make up almost being pushed by the director just to add a turn. The film also instead of dwelling deeper into the story line scatters in various directions just to take the story forward. You would find it cumbersome but Kareena’s performance and Arjun’s made to be loved character would not let you detach from the film. Kareena’s looks are phenomenol, with minimum makeup and smart casuals and formals, she looks fab. There is a surprise package in the form of Bachchan family, I don’t want to spoil your fun. The film is unabashedly feminist, impartial, ambitious and a dream world for any Indian woman. Is it possible?, yeah why not; but first how about dividing the household responsibility into half. A dream easier realized.  The film though ends on an incomplete note, its premise will stay with you for the next 6 months.

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