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7 Hours To Go – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on June 27, 2016 | No Comments

Director: Saurabh Verma           

Cast: Shiv Pandit, Varun Bhandola, Himanshu Malik, SandeepaDhar, NatasaStankovic                          

Production: Nitika Thakur,   DoP: Milind Jog


Saurabh Verma is the quintessential new age filmmaker. His first film, Mickey Virus, just by it’s name, took Indian cinema worldwide and now with a name like 7 hours to go, it goes a step further.

Another admirable quality about Saurabh Verma is his casting. He goes against the flow and gives different talent a break, in different kinds of roles.

And he makes entertaining films.

All of these trends continue with 7 Hours To Go. The same level of excitement is maintained in this family oriented film, with minimal violence and swearing.

The background score blends with the film and the one item song is bearable.

But what is better than bearable is the fine acting. All the actors perform to the best of their ability and blend in well with one another. Amongst the revelations are Shiv Pandit and Varun Bhandola, both experienced and having learned their craft in Television, now take the big screen with a  very controlled performance.

The ladies kick ass here, as Sandeepa and Natasa blend in well to take the level of action to a whole different level.

There are some slight holes in the script, so nobody says it is a perfect film, but those are few and far and overall the film keeps you on your seat, for a entire duration of the film.

Another highlight is the fact that minimal locations have been taken to tell a maximum thrilling story.


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