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On the need to cut a single ?

As a creative person be an actor , singer or a writer you want to be heard , see or your craft to be showcased . I’ve always been singing right from my college days and always wanted to sing but got busy as an actor , and even while acting i’ve always been writing ..sometimes its a script , sometimes a short story and sometimes a song . Now fortunately i had the time and the films i’ve signed were as always being delayed so i took the plunge and made good of the time in hand.

When did you first feel you could be a song writer and a singer ?

I was in college when it all started but i would always keep my songs to myself …until recently i was having a conversation about writing and songs and rhymes with a very senior journalist who i know and respect for her writing. i asked her if she wanted to take a look at a few things i had written and tell me honestly if they were any good . Her response was very overwhelming and encouraging , to a point that she said its almost a crime of you don’t do anything about these and just let it die.

Where would you like to take your singing career next ?

I would like to write my songs/sing , express what i’m feeling …at the same time connect with the audience . To touch people with my music is what i want to do. 

Compare Acting to Playback ?

I’ve been acting since many years so i’m more comfortable and relaxed with it . As for singing and song writing , ..this is my first and i’m trying to find my audience and make a difference

What is the single on?

The single is about the conflicting thoughts one faces , the yin and yang . The lines are crafted keeping the irony and the contradictions of life in mind. Like Shakespeare said ” to be or not to be

It is available on all the usual platforms like iTunes, Amazon, etc and below is a direct link-


(( pls search me on..

, , , , as i cant access them from india))


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